Nighttime driving experience; precautions and tips to be followed

You might have experienced your fist behind the wheel experience during the daytime with your driving instructor. If you think driving at daytime is no different from driving at night, then you are at the wrong thought. This usually happens that after learning to drive, the new driver takes the car out at night as it seems more exciting experience but this experience brings a lot of threats with it that leads to serious night accidents.

Let us first discuss some of the factual points that discriminate between daytime driving and night driving. These points are very important for the understanding of the driver who is all chill to make his night time drive experience.

The difference in visibility:

No one ever wonders about the visibility issue on the roads and surroundings during daytime but learning to drive at night you will surely be seeing the obstacle of reduced visibility on roads. The bits and dumps that can be seen during the day are hard to detect at night. You have to put additional strain on your eyes while driving at night.

Driving at urban vs rural places at night:

There is all in all a difference when you are driving in an urban area at night and a rural area in contrast. An urban area is having more street lights and traffic at night while in rural areas you will face an opposite scenario. Moreover, you have to be very vigilant if any animal crosses your way as it is hard to detect in such situations and this can lead to accidents.

Taking the precautionary measures:

Being a new driver who has passed the driving test recently should keep in the notice the following precautionary measures while driving behind the wheel at night.

Things to check before hitting the road:

When you are ready to start first check the following part carefully:

  • Check your lights if they are working properly and are cleaned.
  • Clean your windows so that you have no hindrance in seeing to the road and the surroundings while driving.
  • It’s good to check the position of near vision mirror and adjust it to avoid the headlights of other cars if possible.

Tips to follow when on the driving seat at night:

You have to consider the following tips whenever driving at night for having a safe driving experience:

Driving awareness:

The starry sky, Enlighted moon, empty roads, and young blood combines to make you fly high while sitting at the driving seat. You turn music on, presses the race, and speeds the car in the thrill of the beauty around but this all ends up a harsh accident making you regret one-night carelessness.

Driving awareness is the foremost thing to consider. You should see twice the junction. Avoid overtaking as it is a very dangerous step to be taken.

Know the rule of car lights at night:

You should know the rule of car lights to be used at night time driving but first, know the role of lights. It has two roles:

  • Car lights lighten your way.
  • It warns pedestrians and surroundings.

Car lights are of two modes:

  • Dip beam: it is functional when you are driving in urban areas.
  • Full beam: it is functional when you are driving in dark with no traffic.

Keep distractions away:

Whether it is night time drive or daytime drive, keep yourself away from distractions. The distraction includes traveling and chatting with more pedestrians, using a mobile phone, listening to the radio, or eating while driving. You should be very focused on the internal engine and outer road for safe driving.

Wrap up:

Knowing the difference between daytime and nighttime drive and following the precautionary measures while learning to drive at night you will end up a best and safe driver that is the most wanted need of society and responsibility as a citizen

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