While learning to drive, end up as a Responsible safe driving nerd

An intellectual and obsessive person who defends his loves and passion till the end and travel far and wide to achieve them is known to the world as a nerd. Let me now ask whether we are nerds? Do we have any passion or goal? Would we do something to educate our beloved community, city, and citizens?

Today’s blog is about getting driving education and spreading it. Having a goal is to be driving and traffic, safety nerd. A traffic safety nerd is always compassionate to see safe and destruction less driving in his city. Here are some qualities a determined driving instructor would have and some essentials he would suggest before you get onto the road.

Educating the driving rules:

The basic rules to follow being a responsible and pro driver and a professional driving instructor would ever teach are:

  • Use of seatbelts while driving.
  • Having a valid driving license and legal age.
  • Follow traffic signals.
  • Don’t distract yourself by using the phone.
  • Following the speed limit.
  • Following lane discipline.

Four E’s of driving safely:

Now comes the four tires of traffic safety rules, considered as Four E’s of driving:


Joining a driving school like best drive to gain a safe driving nerd and sincerely learn all the rules and driving techniques before you get onto the road.


Following the laws and system enforced by the government. The driver is obliged to obey the rules and regulations for safe driving.


Knowing the mechanism and the placement of all aspects of your vehicles is of utmost importance for having a safe drive.


The more time you spend on the road, the higher the likelihood of being involved in a driving incident

Keep yourself away from distractions while driving:

When you’re learning to drive, your number-one priority is to drive. That seems obvious, but for many people driving has become a secondary task while they try to take care of other things—catching up on phone calls, checking voicemails, responding to texts, squeezing in a meal, watching a movie, etc. The whole goal of driving is to safely go from one place to another. Too many drivers compromise that goal by mis-prioritizing their activities. When you’re driving, just drive.

Adopt ways of avoiding car crashes:

Traffic crashes affect more people in our communities than almost any other crime. Most of the time when law enforcement responds to a death or serious injury, it results to be caused by someone who made a poor decision in their driving.

What are the causes?

Driving impaired, speeding, getting distracted, driving aggressively, and not making driving the priority. Drivers can have a huge positive influence on the community by becoming better at driving, and a driving nerd helps people become safer drivers.

Drive according to the weather demand:

A driver must take care of the weather to drive. Driving in inclement weather means you’ll encounter more road hazards. So be aware before you would have to face poor driving decision consequences.

Wrap up:

When you are learning to drive, your ultimate goal should be to end up a responsible driver keeping in mind the safety of oneself and the safety of the fellow humans. For this, you have to follow your driving instructor and once you get your license is driving behind the wheel solely, always remember the safety precautions, driving sense and traffic rules and follow them

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