Driving Rules – Road Safety Awareness

Living in the world of smart technologies, without them life seems like a full stop so is like automotive technologies, where cars are just another daily life component and driving is a part of the routine.

But how often we ever thought about the hazards of car driving?

The possibility of a car crash and loss of life is quite easy because of the missing focus but here the matter is about life and death. The variety of distractions for a driver could be passengers chit-chatting in a car or it can be baby snitching a mobile either. All of such situations can result in poor attention ultimately leading to road accidents.

To avoid certain stances, so that to keep it a safe habit of defensive driving is important but how to develop is a question. Here are a few road safeties tips for awareness to have a safe drive:

Always wear a seat belt:

If you took your driving training from a driving school, then you must be familiar with the basic step of safe driving. Because just after sitting on a driver seat, the instructor orders to wear a seat belt. You must not forget this whole life. It will save you from future uncertainties. As reported by the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety in Queensland, there is 10 times more risk of dying in a road crash just because of not wearing a seat belt.

Stick to the speed limit:

We’ve mostly heard “better late than never”. That’s the frequently used statement because of over speed. And this habit is mostly seen in teens or people who are like a hurricane. Therefore, the best way is better to stick the speed limit for safe driving and from costly fines.

Don’t drink and drive:

Some people have the habit of drinking but drunk states and driving cannot come along. Certain countries have laws that license-holders must have zero alcohol quantity in their bloodstream while driving. That’s because the pint of beer affects the mind and increases the risk of fatal accidents. So, try to avoid drinking for having a safe life.

Don’t look at your mobile phone:

One of the major distractions is the use of gadgets like phones etc. which is illegal but still, people can’t resist. According to research analysis, every time a driver types a text and send it, the average time eyes are taken off from the road is approximately 4.6 seconds, enough time to drive the length of a rugby pitch. So, it’s the driver’s responsibility to have a focus on the road because no one else can do this.

Don’t take medication that causes drowsiness:

Some medicines have a drowsy effect so better not to take such medicines when you know you have to drive. As it will lead to unconsciousness that can be dangerous at times.

Look after your eyes:

Do you take care of your car so that it won’t disrupt your journey? Then why not look after your eyes, have a routine check-up of your eyesight. So that it might not influence your whole life. Some little things functionality matters a lot and so does the eyes.

Wrap up:

Alert today so that to live tomorrow is the final goal. We assume life is a race, but safety should be our top priority for living a safe life. Some above-mentioned awareness tips are for the future betterment and to be the best drivers better to be beware.


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