How Much Does an Intensive Driving Course Cost?

Some people choose intensive driving courses costs to get their license quickly. These lessons are usually two weeks long and can be taken daily for two and five hours. The idea of becoming a competent driver within two weeks is not uncommon. Also known as a crash course, intensive driving courses provide all the training needed to pass your exam in a shorter timeframe.

You need to have a provisional UK driver’s license to complete the course. Learner driver insurance will also be required if your car is used. Although it is possible to pass both the theory exam and the practical test, driving schools typically require that you have given your theory exam and can show a minimum level of skill.

You can choose to do the training locally or in a residential setting. Intensive programs are also available, allowing you time to relax while taking your theory test.

Is Intensive Driving Easier?

The short answer is that they aren’t. You will need to pass the same driving test regardless of how many lessons you choose, whether for 2 hours per week or a more extended one.

Some learner drivers may find intensive driving courses more challenging, but that is only to individual learning styles. While some learners struggle with intense driving courses, others find them stimulating and valuable.

What Is The Intensive Driving Course Like?

One-on-one tuition is available on most courses with qualified driving instructors. The training will be the same as a long series of traditional driving lessons. However, an intensive course may be tailored to target areas that you aren’t comfortable with. In the end, you will pass a quick-tracked practical exam.

If you choose to take an intensive course, you will attend a training facility to learn driving rules and be introduced to your driving instructor. You will continue to work throughout the week.

Prices for Intensive Training Courses

Intensive Driving Courses are of great value. The intensive driving instructors are highly trained and have passed a comprehensive test.

Intensive driving course instructors can work around your schedule and come to you (most Postcodes are covered). Your theory and practical tests will be organized for you. The practical test is booked for the last day of your driving course. If you fail the idea, then the practical exam will be booked after you have passed the theory. You can find driving lessons price comparisons below.

Are our Intensive Driving Courses Available?

Intensive driving courses can be adapted to your needs. We offer lessons starting at 2-5 hours per hour. Unused classes will be refunded at the end of the period. It is easy to book one of our intensive driving courses. You can check out the right course below or call us to schedule an assessment.

Do Intensive Courses Include The DVSA Practice Test Fee?

All prices and intensive driving course costs include the DVSA practice test fee and the day you take your practical exam. The hours range from the first lesson to when you return home after your practical exam. This is for Intensive and Semi-Intensive driving courses.

Intensive Driving Classes Worth

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide whether intensive driving courses are worth it.


Intensive driving lessons allow people to get on and off the road quickly. An intensive course could be an option if you’re driving license is needed for urgent reasons, such as employment. In some cases, intensive might be more cost-effective because you pay for a set number of lessons with a specific test date. If you choose non-intensive learning, you can be tempted and take more classes to get things right. In the meantime, your test date may be postponed, leading to higher lesson costs.


It is possible to feel like you are wasting money if you don’t pass your intensive course the first time. Non-intensive lessons are more likely to be given the first time. There are questions about how safe intensive driving courses can be. Some road safety organizations criticize the amount of solo-driving experience that learner drivers receive in intensive classes. It is being debated whether they get enough on-road driving experience.

Intense driving courses may not allow learners to see different roads and weather conditions. Although you may be able to take some lessons at night, it is unlikely that weather conditions will change enough for a week to make it possible for you to become a competent driver. While you may be quicker at driving, you won’t be as skilled as a driver.

You might consider booking a lesson with an intensive driving course instructor to assess your driving skills before deciding whether you want to do an intensive driving class. This will allow you to decide if intensive driving is correct for your needs before committing.

Can intensive driving training guarantee your passing?

There are no guarantees in regards to the practical exam. In the end, it all boils down to how you drive that day. Examiners employed by DVSA are responsible for conducting the tests. They adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that learners comply with national driving standards. Official statistics show that 46% of learner drivers pass their practical exam on the first attempt. Younger drivers are 55% more likely to give their practical test, while 60-year-olds are only 38%.


Many instructors and driving schools will tell their students that intense courses can be draining. It can be hard to retain important information and keep your eyes on the road if you lose focus. Some learners may feel exhausted after only a few driving hours and then discover that this course structure does not work.

It is worth considering the intensive driving course cost whether you can dedicate so much of your energy to one activity. If you find this to be a good fit, or if it is something you want, then an intensive driving program might be for you.

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