Is it better to do an intensive driving course 1 week?

Also known as a “crash course” or a driving school, an intensive driving course of 1 week includes all the instruction required to pass your driving test within a shorter period than a normal. The most effective time to learn to drive is the earliest possible time when you are the age of 18 or more. The maturity level of young driver and their capacity to be resourceful, and their experience are crucial.

Before driving on their own, it’s an excellent idea for someone new to operating to obtain a learner’s permit and then spend hours alongside an experienced and knowledgeable driver. You’ll need the interim UK driving license to enroll in the course. You’ll require learners’ driver insurance if you’re driving your vehicle.

Although you may take two practice tests in the system, most driving schools require that you have passed the theory test and demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency. The training can be completed within your location or opt for the course in a residence where you remain away from home. If you’d like something less strenuous, semi-intensive courses are offered that let you spend time out to complete the theory test.

There’s no apparent response to that. In essence, it all varies on the person. While some might take an hour or so to feel comfortable behind the wheel, other drivers may require months or, in some instances, even months before they feel sufficiently confident to drive.

Where can you find an intensive driving class?

Driving schools all over the UK offer intensive classes, so you should be able to locate one close to where you live. Do your homework before selecting the company you want to work with. Don’t choose the most affordable choice. Examine the pass rate as well as look through reviews.

In most instances, your instructor can collect you from your workplace or home, and then you’ll train on the local roads. If you’re taking a residential program to focus solely on an intensive driving course for one week and not be distracted, you’ll attend a training center. You will stay in accommodation such as a hotel or B&B.

What is the cost of an intensive driving class?

Based on the driving program you choose to enroll in, the cost can vary between PS1, 000 and PS2000. A few learners might not shell out how much money in one go; therefore, they may benefit by learning on a spread-out but consistent time, like two hours every week.

Although these numbers might sound costly, based on your experience level and your learning capabilities, they could be more affordable in terms of the cost you pay for your lessons and the speed required to pass your test. A typical learner will need between 40 and 45 hours of instruction before passing their driving test; however, this could vary depending on many aspects, such as your age, the level of your instructor, and private training.

Are our intensive driving courses suitable for you?

Driving schools, instructors, and driving classes will remind you that a more prolonged course can be mentally draining. It can be challenging to remember and absorb important information over time if you aren’t focused. After several hours of driving, a few learners might be exhausted only to discover that the course format isn’t suitable. It is essential to determine if you’re willing to put all of your efforts into a task simultaneously. If this is a good fit for you or you want your driving test cleared quickly, then an intensive driving class is for you.

Do Intensive Driving Courses Guarantee You Pass?

Some intensive driving schools offer the promise of a “guaranteed pass.” This means that the moment you sign up with them, you’ll pass the test, but not necessarily the first attempt. However, some intensive driving schools boast remarkable first-time pass rates.

Be sure to take your time and shop at a variety of prices. If you’re looking to take an intensive driving lesson, don’t settle for the most affordable option. Check out the reviews, and check their rates of passing. Be sure to select an instructor approved by the DVSA (ADI) certified according to DVSA standards.

Consider an Intensive Driving Course If

You enjoy an adventure

They’re called intensive driving lessons because of reasons. Many students feel exhausted after only a short instruction. What do you think? Would you manage five hours in your car every day, lasting up to two weeks?

You’ve had plenty of driving experience

Most intensive driving schools require you to have some driving experience. They’re the perfect option for experienced drivers seeking a refresher, like convicted or disqualified drivers who have to pass their test again.

You must get your driving license today

You may need various personal and professional reasons to obtain your driving license as quickly as possible. You can get your request within weeks if you take a comprehensive driving course.

Don’t Consider an Intensive Driving Course If

You’re an anxious driver

An intensive driving course can be a baptism in fire, involving numerous minutes of driving within a brief period. If you’re a nervous driver, it could be a disaster for your driving skills. However, it’s probably better to gradually increase your confidence and abilities in driving, using smaller lessons spread over a longer time.

It’s impossible to spare the duration

If you have a full schedule at work or social, it can be challenging to devote to a fortnight or a week of long and intensive classes. On the contrary, you should squeeze an hour-long class within your daily schedule.

You’re a complete beginner

An intensive driving training course may effectively get you ready for your test. However, it may not be enough to teach you the basics of driving. If you’ve never been going before, you should consider taking some basic lessons before deciding on intensive driving lessons.


It is recommended to schedule at least two hours for each one-week intensive driving course before driving lessons. As you advance, you could find that two or three sessions per week will suit you better. Your instructor will provide the most helpful advice on the appropriate rate for your needs.

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