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What Exactly Does An Intense Crash Course Driving?

Some people choose intense crash course driving to get their license quickly. These lessons are usually two weeks long and can last from two to five hours each day. The idea of being a total beginner and becoming a licensed driver in two weeks is not something that should alarm you. Most people want to get on the road soon. Driving means freedom and new possibilities.

Many people wish to learn to drive more quickly than they have in the past. However, speed doesn’t always equal better. Whether crash courses can be worth the effort, also ensure you aren’t being charged excessively for booking the theory/driving test. Many firms will try to charge learning can make a huge difference in your ability to get the job of your dreams, take you on vacations, and travel to see family members or relatives.

You can get your driving license by taking an intensive driving course. You will be able to pass your practical exam faster, whether you need to revise for the theory test or practice for the hazard perception tests. But what are the details? Auto Express can guide you.

What Are Intense Crash Course Driving Lessons?

Crash course driving or intensive driving lessons are both the same thing. While the crash course can have some unfortunate connotations, they are the same thing in theory. It’s similar in that you do all your revision on the night before a big exam. Your goal is to remember enough to pass it but not have a solid understanding.

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The written exam is the first hurdle in your journey to passing your driving examination. The driving theory examination has evolved over the years. Today learners need to be able to see a touch screen to pass the course. The test should take no more than one hour. If you’ve purchased one of the guides to help you or used an online guide, it should be easy to pass.

You will then have two years to pass your practical driver’s course. If time is not a problem, taking lessons with a qualified instructor will be the best option. The instructor will give you advice and tuition on when to pass your test. An intensive course might be the right choice for you if you’re driving skills are solid, whether you’ve learned it through lessons like these or simply asking friends and family.

Instead of taking one or two lessons per day over several months, it is possible to do many hours of lessons simultaneously to speed up getting your license. These can range from a few short days to several weeks, depending on the standard of your natural skill and existing level.

You Will Never Lose Interest in an Intensive Course

Many people have taken several driving lessons, but not enough to pass. It’s very common for people to drop interest in driving lessons or not want another class after they’ve had their first.

Yes, many people come back later than expected. Others take years. This can be an inconvenience, but it can also be quite costly. This kind of thing isn’t possible during an intensive driving class.

You are committed to intensive training. That’s funny, considering the time it takes. We refer to the fact that intensive courses are more likely for you to learn how to drive.

This is not simply because you’re learning so much in such a short time but because you’re driving skills are much better than those of normal learners. It gives you a taste for driving and develops your skills much faster. This encourages most drivers and motivates them to pass their tests.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Intensive Driving Classes?

All this learning can be packed into a relatively short period, which can have negative consequences.

  • The most obvious is that you don’t accumulate the same amount of experience behind the wheel if lessons are taken over a longer period and you practice in between with friends.
  • Also, if you put all of your learning into an intensive driver’s course, the road conditions and type will likely be pretty static. This takes out two variables that are important when driving. A residential course may be too far away from the areas you will often drive to when you pass. After you’ve had some practice, it is good to take a short intensive class as final preparation for your test.
  • Our Intensive Courses are also called Crash Courses! The courses are extremely affordable and offer great value.

How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need To Take Each Week?

You can take as many lessons as you like, depending on when you plan to take your driving tests. We recommend at least three lessons per week for intensive driving courses. Continuity is key. If you want to pass your driving test, you must have at least three lessons per week.

We recommend taking between two and four hours each week for formal lessons. Two-hour lessons can be scheduled as proven more beneficial than one-hour lessons. Driving intensive courses requires you to take lessons more often at your speed.

Intensive packages offer:

  • 10-day intensive program: 40 hours driving (four hours per hour plus a fifteen-minute rest)
  • 7-day intensive program: 27 hours driving (four hours per day and three hours testing day)
  • 5-day intensive course, 16 hours on the road (3.5 hours over four days, three hours on test)
  • 3-day intensive course – 3 hours each day (with the practical assessment included).

You’ll be more proficient behind the wheel if you make it easier. It is important to decide how many lessons each week you will take and if you have any experience behind the wheel.


It isn’t always possible to learn an intense crash course driving everything quickly. Learning your driving skills over a longer time frame and a more structured approach is better.

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