How intensive driving courses teach you about nighttime driving

If you have decided to start a driving course to pass your driving test, you have to make sure that they teach you all aspects of driving. Such intensive driving courses are only worth your money when they teach you driving skills in intense conditions. Driving with safety is very important. There are certain situations where you cannot drive the same way as you do in normal weather in the daytime. Nighttime driving has to be the hardest. Especially when driving outside of the city, it becomes even harder for you. It would help if you stuck to daytime driving as a new driver, but a good school will always teach you to drive at night.

Why driving in the dark is hazardous?

Most people don’t get why it is assumed that driving in the dark is dangerous. But it is dangerous, and that is because of multiple reasons. When you are driving in the dark, you have very minimum visibility. Even though there are street lights but your vision ion night time can only help you so far. During the daytime, you can see things on the sides of the road, but at nighttime, you cannot view anything beyond your road. Streetlights only help you see the road. At night, you cannot see the depth, accurate colors, and your peripheral vision that good either at night. So, all these dangers lurk with nighttime driving, and if you are trained for nighttime driving, only then, will you be able to drive at night. This comes under the responsibility of these intensive driving courses. They should be the ones to teach you this.

Nighttime driving tips from courses

In intensive driving courses, you are taught some important nighttime driving tips. By following these tips, you will be able to drive well in the dark.

  • Make sure that you clean your headlights to show maximum effect. If your headlights are dirty, it will hinder the light emitting out of them and thus affect your visibility. Even after cleaning your headlights, you still see some problems with the light, or it appears that the headlight is not giving its maximum effect. It would be best if you had it checked. Any problem with headlights can cause you some serious problems.
  • Even when your vehicle’s headlights are working well, you should know how to adjust them properly. At nighttime, you can turn them high but not so much that they end up blinding a vehicle coming from the opposite side. So, learn where you need to run your headlights to maximum and where you can turn them low.
  • Make sure that your dashboard lights are on to see the controls of your car, but they shouldn’t be so bright that they could end up blinding you. If these lights are bright, it will affect your visibility. So, make sure nothing in your car is distracting you in that manner.
  • Some people stop wearing their glasses due to the reflection. But it is an unfair practice. If you have weak eyesight, you should continue to wear your glasses at nighttime. But instead of normal glasses, you can buy non-reflective ones. With these glasses, you can easily drive at night without your dashboard and opposite car headlights affecting your vision due to reflection.
  • Make sure that your car windshield is clean. Before every drive, you have to make sure that your car, especially the windshield, is clean. This could also affect your visibility. At night, your visibility is already very limited, and that, if you are driving with an untidy windshield, can cause accidents. If your windshield still has streaks even after cleaning them, you need to have them polished professionally. These streaks don’t go away on their own.
  • At night the most cautious thing that you can do is that you drive slowly; if you are driving slowly, you will be able t avoid any accidents that usually happen at night. If you are driving at high speed, it would be very difficult to prevent any accident.
  • One last thing that will be taught in your intensive driving courses is that you should not look directly y into the headlights of the opposite car. Such bright lights can alter your vision for a while, and they can even cause you accidents.

Dealing with drowsiness

Another thing that can cause accidents when driving at night is drowsiness. All intensive driving courses teach you is that you have to stay alert while driving and anything that is diverting your attention can end up causing accidents. Drowsiness is one h thing. Suppose you are dosing off while driving. You can get into severe accidents. Following are some ways you can avoid drowsiness while driving at night.

  • Make sure that you are well-rested. Having a normal sleeping routine every night will help you stay active and alert. Even if you have to drive for long hours, you have to make sure that you have slept a few hours before your drive to be refreshed and alert.
  • Before you start driving, you can take a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine is very important in keeping you alert. But make sure you are not high on caffeine, which can make you jittery and make you unable to drive.
  • If you feel extremely tired while driving, you can pull over on the road and take a small nap. This can help you stay alert for the rest of the ride., if you have anyone else in the car that can drive well the, you can Lethem drive instead of you.
  • If you have a sleep cycle where you have to sleep strictly at night, it can also make you tired while driving at night. So, make sure that you avoid driving past such hours anyway. You can always travel in the daytime for the sake of your safety.


This was all you needed to know about the risk of nighttime driving and how you can avoid them. All of these things are taught in the intensive driving courses. These courses help you stay secure while driving. They will teach you all tips and tricks of nightie driving and will make you a pro at driving in no time. Avoiding these risks is important, but if the need comes, you should be able to drive a night following all the safety protocols.





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