What Exactly Is An Intensive Driving Course UK?

An intensive driving course the UK covers the entire spectrum of driving lessons and decreases the time required for the course by making grouped or more lessons. Also called a “crash course,” intensive driving lessons provide the same material as taking lessons normally but are specifically focused on the areas you are least confident in.

You will continue to receive assistance from your instructor on every aspect of learning to drive, including test preparation, responding to questions that you will be asked during your test, the newly introduced motorway driving, and more in your driving course.

What Can You Expect From An Intensive Driving Course?

The majority of courses offer one-to-one instruction with a certified driving instructor. The same instruction will be provided, similar to an extended series of traditional driving lessons. However, an intensive driving course UK may be tailored to target the areas you’re not confident in. Then, you’ll be able to take a quick practice test at the end of your training. Suppose you enroll in a residential program where you’ll go to a training center to be taught the road laws. You’ll be presented to your instructor driving, working with you during the week.

What Is The Length Of An Intensive Driving?

The main drawback of taking an intensive driving class, however, is that passing rates are typically higher for students who are intensive as compared to those who have normal driving lessons ( the national average for students who take regular driving classes is mid 40 percent mark, according to the DVSA) the chance of passing cannot be assured. The amount of time required is also not confirmed since this was based solely on the experience of previous students.

There aren’t any hard and fast guidelines on this matter. However, intense driving lessons are generally provided in two-week or one-week duration. Because of the limited period, it is recommended that you spend five hours each day driving.

If you’ve already had a couple of lessons but want to get a crash course before an exam, you can take advantage of a two-day class that will take just 10 hours of education.

If you’re not certain what level of training you’ll need, the driving school you attend will be able to assess to help you determine the best course suitable for you. The duration of residential courses can be up to an entire week and can be located all over the UK.

What are the benefits of intensive driving courses UK?

Whatever the length of the intensive course is, the goal is to get your test scheduled by the conclusion of your session of classes. This will allow you to immediately go from your intensive training to the test, having no time for nerves and being able to keep everything you’ve learned fresh in your mind.

Here are a few advantages that we offer in our driving training:

Test Standards More Quickly

The kind of student who’d prefer to do a cram session for their tests instead of taking a slow and steady route? Intense driving is a great solution for you. Like getting familiar with any other ability, learners learn to drive in various ways.

Most Efficient, Most Secure

Is the thought of passing your driving test cause you to feel anxiety? If so, then you must give an intense driving class try! Although it could seem as if going in deep would not be the ideal option for people prone to nervousness.

Saves You Money

A comprehensive driving class will save you cash in the end. While you’ll have to pay a fee upfront, it is usually less expensive than having lessons based weekly. The ability to learn in a short period means you’re lesser likely to be able to remember lessons you learned from each lesson.

Reduces Time

The main reason for enrolling in an intensive driving course UK is to save you time. If you’re looking to obtain your driving license swiftly and without hassle, an intensive driving course may get rid of the L-plates within a few minutes.

Common Reasons Why You May Fail the Driving Exam

  • Poor decision-making from observations at junctions on the road.
  • Insufficient information from the images you look at in your reflections. Be sure to use all three mirrors, not only those in the back view but the mirrors for your door. Be sure to check them frequently so that you’re aware of what’s in the area constantly.
  • It is essential to signal your vehicle early. Your signal must benefit the other road users and not mislead or confuse anyone.
  • If you are approaching a roundabout, is precise with your road’s positioning and lane discipline. Do not cross lanes or cross over the white lines of division.
  • When you drive, don’t exceed the speed limit. Being too slow in your driving can be risky, and you could fail your driving test. It is crucial to progress during your drive.

Where Can You Find An Intensive Driving Lesson?

Driving schools all over the UK offer intensive classes, and you’ll be able to locate one close to where you live. Do your research before selecting the company you want to choose – don’t choose the most affordable choice. Check out the pass rate as well as review the reviews.

The instructor will take you to your workplace or home and train you on local roads in many instances. Suppose you’re taking a residential program that focuses solely on driving and not being distracted and distracted. In that case, you’ll go to a learning center away from home and stay in accommodation such as a hotel or B&B for your stay.


If you decide to enroll in a rigorous, intensive driving course in the UK, you may be interested in enhancing your experience on the road by taking the Pass Plus course. Once you’ve passed the driving test and received your driving license, the A Pass Plus course will allow you to increase your experience driving in various weather and road conditions.

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