Emergency Vehicles – Emergency Vehicles on the Road

Emergency vehicles include the police cruisers, fire trucks an ambulances and some other may also be
the part of this category. These vehicles have the right to drive in the speed and people are supposed to make way for such vehicles on the road because they definitely are in some hurry when their siren is on.

Emergency Vehicles on the Road

This is one of the traffic rules that you have to follow and that is something that is taught in every driving lesson either expensive or cheap lessons. In fact, it is something that the person generally know about even without the help of the driving school.

What to do when you hear the siren

When you hear the siren there is definitely some emergency situation so make sure that you give way to such vehicles
 You should make sure that your radio or stereo is down so that there are no disturbances on the
 You should even expect sometimes to be there more than one emergency vehicles so always
expect more to come until they have fully passed out.
 While these vehicles are going you can slow down your car but you shouldn’t stop it because
then it will just disrupt the flow of the traffic

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