How to do an Emergency Stop on Driving Test

The emergency stop is one of the important manoeuvres which is of great use during the driving test as well as in the practical life. The emergency stop should be the part of the procedure of learning driving because along with learning how to drive you should also be able to learn how to carry yourself on the road id you have to make an emergency stop to your vehicle. For most people emergency stop includes pulling a hand brake or immediately pressing on the brake pedal. If you do it like this then you are likely to get the negative marks in your test.

Examiner’s expectation of the emergency stop

When you are asked during the test to make an emergency stop,

The following are some of the things that are expected of you then.

 It is expected that you will act immediately on the command
 The next thing is that you will not be expected to delay it and your car should make a stop in just
a few seconds
 You should stop your car in such a way that you are not endangering the life of the other people
on the road driving.
 When you are making an emergency stop you should make sure that your car doesn’t go into
skidding or there is no locking of the wheels.

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