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Emergency Stop Manoeuvres – How To Do an Emergency Stop

Driving test manoeuvres are proof that you know how to drive well and you can perform any of their
manoeuvres without any difficulty. The emergency stop is also one such manoeuvre that the driving
examiner will ask you to perform during the test.

Emergency Stop Manoeuvres

It is one of the things that a driver should know how to do it because there can be certain times on the road you have to make an emergency stop. So being able to perform this is very important for your driving test.

Emergency stop

The emergency stop is a manoeuvre that is asked to perform in almost one-third of the driving tests and
it is the task that your, driving instructor should teach you to do well. The emergency stop is not all
about pulling the brakes but also making sure that your car will be safe along with passengers and so will be the other cars on the road. Your marking in the driving test if this task is asked to be performed by
you depends on how well you do it an emergency stop should be very quick and smooth and as soon as
you see a danger you should be able to trust your instinct and act upon it before it’s too late.

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