Why Seat Belts are Important while Driving

Why Seat Belts are Important while Driving

No matter how expensive or latest your car is, and how many advanced features it has but still you can never underrate the importance of a seat belt in a car. Almost every country around the globe has made it obligatory for every driver to wear a seat belt while driving a car. As it is for the safety of the driver and the people with him in the car.

No matter how expert a driver you are and know all traffic rules and abide by them but when you are driving on the road, you are not driving alone. Rather you have to drive with many other drivers as well some parallel to you and some in front or behind you. Not everyone driving on the road is an expert like you and abide by all laws. So once in a while, you will need to press the emergency brakes.

So if you are wearing your seat belt there are very few chances for you to get thrown out of the car otherwise you will be thrown out which in some cases results in death.

Benefits of wearing Seat belts

Seat belts offer a lot of benefits to a person while driving a car. Some of the benefits of driving while wearing a seat belt are:

Provides safety

When you are on the road seat belt must be worn as it keeps people safe in an unforeseen situation. Suppose you are out somewhere and the person who tries to overtake your car accidentally bumps into your car. Have you ever thought about what will happen if it happens?

In some cases if the driver is not wearing any seat belt then there is a chance that he might get thrown out of the windscreen but if the driver is wearing the seat belt and also the other passengers are wearing it to then there is less chance that he gets thrown out of the window and the risk of major injuries also decreases.

Hence it won’t be wrong to say that seat belts can save a person in an accident.

Keeps you in place

Seat belts help a person during any impact by keeping him in place. Whenever a person encounters an accident his body moves towards the windscreen but because of wearing a seat belt, the person stays in place regardless of how strong the impact may be. Hence reducing injuries.

Reduces the risk of serious injury and death

Seat belts reduce the risk of death and serious injury if worn correctly. According to a report wearing seat belts among the drivers and front-seat passengers reduces the risk of death by 45% whereas the risk of serious injury is reduced by 50%.

Save you from heavy fines

Wearing seat belts while driving is made obligatory globally. Road authorities are very ordered to keep a check on everyone and have the authority to fine any person not wearing a seat belt or wearing it negligently. So if you are not wearing a seat belt then there are chances that you get caught by the road authorities and will have to pay hefty fines.

If you want to keep yourself away from such fines and also embarrassment caused when you are asked to pay fine on the road then you should try to put on your seat belt as soon as you enter your car.

Airbags are designed to work perfectly with seat belts on

Airbags are an additional security feature added in a modern vehicle that is designed to work best with a seat belt on. They are released when there is a collision and it is designed to protect the driver from banging against the steering wheel.

Airbags work perfectly if the driver is also wearing a seat belt otherwise airbags alone can’t stop the driver from banging hard into the steering wheel and saving him from serious injuries.


The importance of a seat belt is always underestimated. We always fail to understand that how important is to put seat belts on while driving. As it helps us greatly from banging into the steering wheel or getting thrown out of the car through the windscreen during an accident. We should make it our routine to put on the seat belt whenever we sit in the car. By doing so we not only save ourselves from getting injured in accidents but also from heavy fines 😉


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