Driving tips for winters

Winter is the weather of charm. People love snowfall and the white veil that covers everything but do you know it can be dangerous for you? Driving a car on a slippery road covered with snow has multiples folds more chances of getting into an accident than the roads without snow.

The layer of snow that covers roads is responsible for decreasing resistance between tires and road so the car wheels are more likely ko skid rather than rolling. As winter is approaching so, you should know how to deal with such a situation. This blog is meant to aware of the dangers and gives you some tips also. 

Tips to help you drive on slippery roads in winters

It is almost a challenge to maintain balance when driving on slippery roads so you need to follow some tips that can help you save yourself from injuries and accidents. The following are a few important tips for helping you in this regard.

  1. Drive slowly

Rush driving leads to loss of control over the vehicle as it starts skidding. The resistance between tires and the road if reduced more than a certain level can cause harm to the tires and loss of control. You cannot take smooth turns and stop easily while driving fast. So, driving at a slow speed can save you from huge losses.

  1. Apply breaks gently

When you need to stop your car on a slippery road, you should apply the brakes gently. Doing so can save you from bumping your car into some other car. Applying brakes gently can give you a huge margin of saving yourself from accidents. 

  1. Take care of maintenance

Keeping a check on the maintenance of the car is very crucial as it helps you do necessary amendments on time. Rather than getting into an accident and then knowing the failure of the system you should regularly check the systems of cars and its parts. This helps you in normal routine while in winter the impact is even more helpful.

  1. Use higher gear

While driving an icy road you should always prefer a higher gear because it will help you manage your speed but also let you have a better grip of tires while driving.

  1. Mind the stopping distance

On icy roads, it is more about stopping than about running. When you tend to stop your car, you should make sure to be very careful. Increase the stopping distance up to 10 percent than the usual scenario so, even if your car skids it can be possible to stop it from bumping into the next one.

  1. Stay calm

The golden rule for driving, let it be a simple road or a difficult slippery one is to stay calm. When you panic you are more likely to lose grip and get into accidents. It is rightly said that stillness is the key to success. A calm mind can understand the situation well and act accordingly while the one who panics does the opposite.

Wrap up

Driving on icy roads is not easy as it requires more vigilance and a sense of responsibility than usual. To get the best driving experience you ought to follow the tips mentioned above and drive safe on icy roads in winters.


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