What should I do next if I fail in the driving test

Many people pass their driving test in their first attempt with zero mistakes and to obtain this achievement they did a lot of practice and they learn driving from the best driving school in the UK. But as we all know that all candidates can’t pass their driving test because they did not ready for the test and they consider driving tests very easy and simple. The government of the UK is very strict about their traffic rules because they want to make the road safe for their people. So if you want to pass your driving test you need to do hard work, practice and the most important thing you learn driving from the best institute or by a good instructor. Only the best driving school can teach you well and give you all the right knowledge of traffic rules. If failed your driving test so now you are desperately searching on the internet for the answer what should you do next? Dealing with failure is not an easy thing, but it is important you remember that it is a learning curve and you are not definitely the only one who experienced it. There some advice from the best driving instructors that what should you do after driving test failure.

How many people fail in their first driving test

If you think you’re the only one who fails in their driving test then you are a worry. According to the research of DVSA from March 2017-July 2018 more 53.2%, people fail in their first driving practical test. So, you don’t need to fell sham if you fail in your first driving test, you are not the only one who fails in their first driving test. You just need to do practice and hard work, you will pass your driving test.

Reasons for my failure

In order to improve yourself, you need to find out what mistakes you did in the driving test. If you fail in driving and you want to pass in an attempt, so it is essential you find out your mistakes and try to avoid them. In this way, you can make yourself capable to pass the driving test and only experienced instructors can help you find your mistakes.

What should I do Next

It is the very difficult and worst thing to getting back to the car after failure. Don’t leave it for more than a few days before the next driving lesson. If you leave it for a long time it can cause anxiety and nerves around driving to build up, it can make harder for you to get back into the driving seat. Remember that good driving instructor would not have recommended that you book your driving test if he did not believe that you are ready to take it. You just need to find it in yourself.

Reasons for people failure

You are not the only one who do mistakes in the driving test and get fail in driving test. It is important you find your faults and do practice to avoid them. In the way, you can be able to pass your driving test with zero mistakes. In this only an experienced instructor can help you to find your mistakes and to avoid them. If you are not practicing with experienced instructor so you need to change your instructor. There are few common mistakes following below which people do in driving test and for which the examiner is looking for close eyes:

  • Not checking mirror
  • Driving very slowly
  • Steering
  • Over speeding
  • Response to the traffic sign
  • Response to traffic markings
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