Are driving schools beneficial? What if we learn to drive home from the elder brother or any friend who knows how to drive? Is there any difference between the two situations? These are the questions one might have when it’s time to learn to drive.


You may think that homeschooling will be better than driving schools as your laziness doesn’t allow you to wake up, travel to the school, take driving classes and follow a driving instructor. To you, its better that your elder brother will teach you driving in a fun mood, directly starting from behind the wheel, ignoring important driving lessons and you learned it. No, you haven’t learned but you have now become the cause and victim of those serious car accidents that are taking place on a daily basis.

Learn to drive is a serious issue because you are running your car on the road on the risk of your life and the life of people around you. So driving schools are really important and beneficial in this regard. At driving schools, your confusions related to driving are cleared and all your questions are answered

Now we are going to see how important are driving lessons and driving schools for a person who is ready to learn to drive.


MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) released a recent survey, according to this survey over 77% of accidents happen due to a driving error.

The first thing to learn in driving is to understand why driving schools are important.

  • At first, a driving instructor in a formal driving school will have a certain number of qualifications including rigorous tests & hours spent on the simulator as well on public roads.
  • Then after these parameters are passed by an expected instructor is he allowed to become one for a driving school.
  • The next step is that every driving school will have proper approvals and would have a certain number of two-pedals configure cars which teach us the basic and advanced lessons or habits to keep in mind while driving.

When students come to driving schools have to first go through theoretical sessions that tell them about the safety and about the basics of road signs. The next aspect is to access the driving capabilities in driving course and then finally learners are assessed on public roads. There are several tests for a learner to go through.



A local instructor would not have a closed course even if he or she has two configurations on a car when a learner drives a car on public roads straight away then it’s extremely dangerous for the learner as well and for other road users. Fastening the seat belt before even starting the car, this is a good suggestion that an instructor can pass on to a learner. That’s why driving schools play a key role. Driving schools would impart the best methods about;

  • Road signs
  • Road safety
  • Best way to drive a vehicle
  • Considerable cost



In case a learner wants to learn driving from a relative who doesn’t engage the seat belt while sitting in the car the same thing would be inculcated into the learner and his knowledge about all road signals and their meanings are also very important. So, this would be a challenge when learning from a relative because they have limited knowledge as compare to a driving instructor in driving school.


It’s good to take driving lessons from driving schools. Sometimes taking driving lessons from relatives is not safe because they also have limited knowledge about driving. There are many driving institutions all around the world, these institutions better driving lessons. So, we must take driving lessons from driving schools.


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