Tips for the clean your car

It is important that you know how to wash your car just like how to drive a car which you learn from the best driving school in the UK. Some people damage the car look by putting scratches on the car. How you feel that you buy an expensive car to drive and you put a scratch on it during cleaning it. Cleaning a car without any scratch on it is a technique that you should know. We know removing the worst of the dirt and dust from our cars is difficult. Everybody wants his car to look new and beautiful but for that, he needs to keep his car clean and many people spend a lot of money on it. But the good news is you can do this by following the following tips.

Use a paintbrush to away the dust

Sometimes dusts easily reach that space in your car where it is difficult to catch up. All air vent and buttons provide refuges that a duster just can’t reach. You can tackle these awkward spots by using a paintbrush. It can easily clean the dust off that spots where the vacuum cleaner can’t do it.  It is also necessary that you pick that brush that your dad hasn’t used to varnish the kitchen table with first. That is the right brushes to away the dust.

Make your interior of your car with Vaseline

Vaseline the right choice to make your car’s interior really shining instead of elbow grease. After you get rid of the dust, use a cloth to spread a thin layer of Vaseline over the dashboard. You will be amazed to see the bright and shiny interior. This result comes after the use of Vaseline.

Use a damp rubber glove to remove the pet hair

Your car’s upholstery is probably caked in fur if you love to take your dog with you on road trips. Dip a rubber glove in water and then rub the upholstery to gather all the hair together it is the best way to remove the hair from the seat. Easily way to pick up the fur is bundled up fur.

To get rid of grease stain use cornflour

You don’t need to worry if you have a grease stain on your seat. You will be happy to hear that you can easily remove these tough stains. You just need to do pour some cornflour on the affected area, leave it for more than nine minutes and then wipe away. It will remove the stain by soak up the grease. Grease stain is the thing which makes the interior less shiny and unlike but after cleaning the grease stains the interior looks brand new and shiny.

For professional-looking shine use kerosene

The use of wax is expensive and difficult to apply which specially formulated for cars. Mix some kerosene with water and apply it to the outside of your vehicle after washing it is very good for a shiny finish without any problem. Your car will look bright, shiny and brand new after the mixture dried. It is the cheapest way to give your car a shiny and brand new look. Also, it is easy for you and anybody can use it at home.


By following these tips you can be able to make your car like brand new and it is not expensive. Nowadays everyone wants his car to look new and shiny but due to the expensive procedure they were not able to do that and they make the car dirty. If you keep your car clean then you can be able to do a safe drive.

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