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Read tips for young inexperienced and newly qualified drivers

If you are a newly qualified driver, it means you are eager to get out on the open road for a proper road journey. If you want to build up your driving confidence then there is no better way to build up your driving confidence by road trips. It is also a good idea to explore the UK by road. In the best driving school in the UK they teach you how to drive a car but the real driving confidence you get from the open road driving. In driving schools, instructors just teach you how a car works and tells you the traffic rules but the real experience you get by driving the car on the open road after getting a license. The road of the UK is full of traffic it is difficult to drive on the road for new drivers because they don’t have the experience of the road. One out of five new drivers becomes part of the accident in their first year of license. It might be sounding daunting for inexperienced drivers but don’t be put off by the challenge. You will become an experienced driver one, you just need to not lose the confidence and need to follow the following road tips which can help you to drive safely.

Night drive

Many people do not drive at night because they find night drive difficult and dangerous. According to the agency report, a large number of road accidents happens between 9 pm to 4 am. The main reason behind this is that new drivers have not experienced road and they get nervous. Keep in mind that it is essential to take the right approach to drive after dark. You might still be making mistakes that could end up putting lives in danger even if you are a confident and experienced driver. So be safe and drive safe also follow all traffic rules which are for your safety. There are some tips for night drive:

  • Regular checkup of your eyes.
  • Keep your windscreen clean.
  • Drive slow.
  • Make sure that your car lights are working properly.
  • Take a break.

Summer driving

As we all know temperature affects the condition of the car. The car needs special care and a suitable temperature for good performance. It is also necessary to reduce the damage rich. Many people don’t do the care of their cars and become the reason behind the standing out in the hot day. So if you don’t want to stand out at hot day then keep your car healthy. If you don’t want to stand out in the sun so put some time to prepare your car for the heat, it will help you to prevent breakdowns and minimize your vehicle damage. For example, you do not check your car oil and water which keeps your car cool, it will go below the minimum level then it will damage your car and the reason behind the stranded out in the sun. There some tips for summer drive:

  • Check the oil and water level.
  • Check tires condition.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Check the AC.
  • Planning of the journey.
  • Carry a few water bottles.

Winter driving

Winter driving is difficult and dangerous driving even for experienced drivers. Many drives hazard to drive in winter before make sure that they take all necessary things. If you are planning to travel in winter we advised you to avoid it if you can. If it is necessary to travel in winter first checked the weather forecast and then choose the route. There are some tips for winter travel:

  • Car preparation.
  • Winter survival kit.
  • Plan journey.
  • Not drive in bad weather.


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