Guide on a Three Point Turn – 3 Point Turn

Three-point turn is one of the driving test man oeuvres that is asked to perform most of the time and it is of great practical value too. in fact, everything that you learn throughout the driving school lessons and that is tested in your driving test for your driver’s license or your online driving license is all of great practical value.

3 Point Turn

How three-point turn is important to learn practically can be considered by an example
of you going in a narrow street which is blocked ahead and you don’t know about the blockage until you are halfway through it. So now the only option is to make a 3 Point Turn because reversing your car can be very dangerous and also not passive in most cases. To learn three-point turn you need to do the following things

Safe spot

Now the first thing you need to do is finding a safe spot which means find a point where there is no
telephone booth or any other such thing that can be damaged when you are reversing your car. Now
you need to start your indicator so that the cars behind you can know you are making a turn and you
should make sure that the road is clear at another end when you make this move.

Start the Move

Now you are ready to make your move and you have to keep your car at first gear and once you are in the other lane you have to move your steering wheel in the whole opposite direction and put your car in reverse gear and release the hand brake. While doing so make sure your indicator is open and the road is clear at that point. Once you have reversed you will move your steering wheel again in the opposite direction and on first gear move your car. This is better understood practically and that is done by some of the best driving schools.

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