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Driving License Procedure – The Procedure for Driving License Application

Driving License Procedure is a very important part and it is like permission to the person that he or she can be allowed to drive on the road. You will have to get the driving license of the vehicle you can drive and get a driving license is very important as it identifies the people who know how to drive from the people who are driving on the road with no good driving skills. Having driving skills is important so that everyone on the road can be kept safe. Getting a driving license is important and you should definitely learn how to apply for it. Following are some of the things you need to do

Applying to local post office

You can submit your driving license application to a local post office and that will include the license fee as well. You will have to pick up the D1 form from the office and with all the required information and your latest passport size picture along with the license fee, you will be sending the post to DVLA. You will also have to get your photo attested before you send it with the application.

Online application

As we know almost all of the tasks can be performed online and so does the application for the license. You can now apply for the driver’s license by online application and for that, you will have to go the government website and they will allow you to send an application and the cost of the license this way will be less than the other method. Now as we know that the online license system has been introduced in the United Kingdom sending the application online will become more common. Also, you will have to send your passport size photo through online application too. The procedure for this type of application is easy and is well taught in the best driving schools.

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