The most common mistakes in driving test and how you can avoid them

Hearing you’ve failed in your driving test just because of some common mistakes is a big blow, especially when you spend a lot of time, money and hard work to learn a good driving. These are those mistakes which you haven’t made in lessons of driving. It happens because you got nervous during tests. Also, it is because of driving schools who did not teach you that you don’t need to get nervous during driving tests. But in the best driving school in the UK, they teach you how you can overcome your nervousness during the test. There is a list of some common mistakes.

  • Checking Mirror.
  • Control Steering.
  • Road marking.
  • Traffic signs.

Checking mirror

It is one of the most common mistakes which many people do during driving tests. It is the mistake which examiner is looking for during test not checking the mirror before turning left or right, before changing lanes or before or after overtaking. Sometimes, not checking the mirror is the reason for a big accident. It is very important you checking mirror before turning left or right, before changing lane or before or after overtaking. Because by following this you can save your life form accident.

Control steering

It is also one of the common faults. Controlling steering is the first thing that you learn in driving school because by controlling steering you can control the car. It is an important thing for good driving. This is the mistake for which the examiner looking for. It is including that where you put and keep your hand during driving. The examiner is also looking for bad habits like leaning on the window ledge etc. If you have full control on steering it means you are a good driver and you are able to drive on the road.

Road marking

If you want to pass the driving test it is very important you know about the road marking. Road marking is for your safety and it is one of the mistakes for which examiner is looking for. During your driving test, you have to demonstrate that you know about different road markings and know how to react according to different road marking. If you can understand the basic road markings like lines and lane markings on the road, stop and give way lines at junctions etc that means you are able to safely drive on the road. Not only during driving test or driving also when you walk down the road you have to follow these road markings. Road markings are for the safety of people.

 Traffic signs

The knowledge or understanding of traffic signs is considered very important in driving test. The understanding and react accordingly to traffic signs demonstrate are you able to drive on the road. It is one of the mistakes which people do in driving tests. The knowledge of traffic signs is not only necessary for the theory test; it should also follow in real life. These traffic signs are for the safety of human life. If you can understand the basic traffic signs like speed limit sign, bike road sign, children crossing sign, crossing sign, custom crossing sign etc means you are a good driver and you are able to drive on road. If you want to become a good driver you need to follow these rules.  Many people consider these traffic signs are just for the theory test and they just learn these signs to pass the driving test but they are wrong. Actually these signs are for human safety and for safe driving on road. So please follow them in real life.

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