Dashboard warning lights and their importance

When you are learning how to drive you dint just has to learn but you have to learn everything related to it through and through. Like you have to know which thing is present where and how it works and how can you maintain it. You also should know the warning signs present within your car and you have to learn t identify them. All of these things can be taught in a driving school n if you want to learn better you will have to look for the best deriving schools. So to make sure you are learning things right and have full knowledge about your car then you will have to know of the driving instructor have guided you about the dashboard warning lights or not.

Dashboard warning lights

Dashboard warning lights are pretty ha5rd to moss because they are present right on the dashboard. And whenever you are not following any of that car etiquette the dashboard light will blink indicating you or warning you. These lights are kind of important because these rules are for your own safety and safety us something that you need on road. So if you want to stay safe on the road then you need to learn these dashboard warning lights as well. Also if you are observant of these lights or not is also noticed in driving tests as well maybe and it may also be the part of the theory test. So you should know all the dashboard warning lights and how can you identify it

Oil light

Oil light as the light that indicates that oil in your car is running low and basically it means the oil pressure is low in your car so you need to get your car oil changed. This light is very important for the maintenance of your car and is a reminded of getting your car checked. This also maybe sometimes because of the leakage of oil from the car engine and that is exactly why when this light comes on the blink you have to check for any signs of leakage. If ignored car it can get you in a pretty bad situation, the light indicates an object with a drop dripping out of it.

Fog lights

Now we all know that every car has the fog lights in it and these lights are specifically used when it’s foggy outside because normal headlights have a high beam and they reflect from the water droplets a lot making it even harder to see but with fog light, you can see pretty well. So when the fog lights are fog lights indicator is on as well. It is one of the indicators present on your dashboard.

Handbrake warning sign

The handbrake warning light is the light which an on when the handbrake is still pulled. Most of the time, it is usually happening because of a loose connection but it is still important for you to check if the handbrake is in the right position before starting and move your car. The handbrake light is an exclamation mark in a circle with two brackets on each side of circle. It’s very easy to identify because it looks like a handbrake.

Engine warning light

The engine warning light is the light which bling on your dashboard when there is some problem with your engine. This can be because of a number of reasons which are as follows

  • Any particle in your filter
  • A problem with the diesel or loose cap on the oil
  • Emission system problem
  • Ignition system problem.

So whenever you see the engine light on you have to check it yourself or get it checked


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