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Successfully driving passing rate in Norfolk and Suffolk

If we talk about the driving learning pupils in the UK, the driving learners of both Norfolk and Suffolk are outperforming the national average when we taking their theory and practical tests. According to the covering April to December 2018 of DVSA, it shows that male learners continued to dominate the practical test. So both male and female candidates in Norfolk and Suffolk beat the average. As compared to more than 45.5% nationally, 54.1% of males and less than 47.9% of females passed their manual tests. The passing rate of pupils of Norfolk and Suffolk was also higher than the national average on the automatic driving test for the 2017/18 year because they have the best driving schools in the UK.

 Females are better in theory or in practical

Female students of Norfolk and Suffolk are better in theory test as compared to males. More than 49.3% of female pupils passing the theory test as compared to less than 45.9% of males. With 56% pass rate the female candidates at the Norwich test center did particularly good.

Males are better in theory or in practical

According to the research male pupils in Norfolk and in Suffolk are better in the practical test as compared to females. Females are better in theory test. More than 45.7% of male candidates passing the theory test as compared to more than 49.3%.

Passing without mistake

If talk about the practical test of candidates of Norfolk and Suffolk, they passed their test in the first attempt and with zero faults. In Norfolk and Suffolk, more than 261 learners managed this in 2017/18. This account is just for 1% of all the candidates across the two countries who were taking their test for the first time in their life.

Tips to pass the driving test

There is the story of hard work, practice and time spending behind the ever good driver. If you want to become a good driver you also have to do that hard work, practice and spend time. It is not too difficult to pass your driving test with zero mistakes. There are some top tips by following them you can pass your test without mistake.

  • Prepare yourself for test before the night.
  • Eat and drink properly.
  • Don’t need to nervous.
  • Don’t do basic mistakes.
  • Remember the basics.
  • It is not the last chance.

By following these tips you can be able to pass the exam very well and you can show your skills to the examiner easily.

Some basic mistakes which candidate do during the driving test

We felt a big blow to hear that you fail your driving test due to some basic mistakes. This happens just because of nervousness during driving tests. In well-driving schools fault, they teach you how you over make on this and how you can avoid mistakes during your test. If you want to pass the exam with zero faults it is important you know about them and you know how to avoid them because during the driving test the examiner is looking for these mistakes. It is not difficult to avoid those faults; you can if you know about them. Here are some faults you did during the driving test.

  • Not checking the mirror when you turning.
  • Steering control.
  • Junctions.
  • Move off
  • Positioning.
  • Response to sign markings.
  • Reverse Parking.
  • Response to traffic signs.
  • Traffic lights.
  • Taking it all in your stride.

If you know about these mistakes and you avoid them you can pass the driving test very easily.




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