Rules for safe driving

How a driver handles himself on the driving seat depicts a lot about the pattern being followed by the public. There are various researches which show some people follow traffic & driving rules at their very best whereas some people follow them the least. The best driving schools in town play a key role to address this issue. If you attended such an institution, you are already aware of the safety rules for driving. When you buy a vehicle, third party insurance is a must check. It is one of the pro safety tips. A few of the safety rules are listed below:

Drunk driving:

There is no match of driving with drinking. There are various ways which test the presence of alcohol in a person’s body. Police might check you electronically or manually. Breath, urine & blood tests are performed to check the levels of alcohol in the body. Alcohol leads to impaired vision & impaired abilities to drive properly. As a result, the court might even imprison or fine or impose a driving ban on you. Hence, this rule is one of the key rules to follow as not following this golden rule can lead you behind the bars as well.

Seat belt:

When we talk about driving or even traveling, one of the most important things is a seat belt. The safety belt is needed because it saves you from the jumps, the speed breakers & fast driving shocks. It helps you located in a place and saves from accidental injuries. More than half of accidental injuries are a result of not wearing a seat belt. To save one’s self from misadventure, especially on long drives, a seat belt use is crucial. For children, one should use a special kid restraint.


While driving a motorcycle or bicycle, the use of the helmet is one of the state prescribed policies. Most of the accidental injuries occur due to the absence of a helmet.

Use of signals:

The traffic signals are followed by everyone; else you will be charged heavily. Keeping your vehicle in your control is also an essential part. If you’re running on a red light, there are possibilities of a road accident. People might be using the zebra-crossing or another vehicle might be coming from any other direction, it will put several lives at risk and the culprit will be no one but you.


Use of mobile phone, while you are driving, is strictly prohibited. The police officers charge heavily to the people who are caught red-handed. Keep your phone silent while driving. It is illegal to use a mobile phone or microphone while driving.

Another distraction is applying makeup. Even a touch up can lead to serious accidents. Some people are seen eating; it just diverts the mind to the taste instead of driving. Such distractions affect the speed of driving which can have deleterious effects.

Cars and other vehicles coming from other sides can be a distraction as well. Keeping a distance is always crucial for safe driving. If a car or vehicle in close affinity takes a wrong turn or stops abruptly, it will ultimately lead to a severe accident if the distance between you two was not appropriate. There is a “3-second rule” to keep a distance. A vehicle passes by, you have to count till 3 seconds and then start your way. It will save you from mishaps. One should keep his lane. The selection of an appropriate lane is also an important issue. The left lane is mostly for all of the vehicles except in case of overtaking & speed issues.

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