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Lane changing tips and techniques – learners guide:

Every new learner trying to drive the car on the road may face the daunting task of changing the lanes immediately. This is hard for them because it requires confidence along with the knowledge of tips and tricks. You have to control the speed of the car while estimating the speed of the oncoming traffic in the lane in which you want to move. In order to cross the lane safely, you should know the golden rule of “mirror-signal-maneuver”, this will help you know about the speed and distance of the car behind you.

Professionals are good enough in the lane changing task that they hardly got a hard time. For the newbie, it is very difficult to know about what to be done at the spot.

There are two reasons which make up your mind to change the lane due to overtaking or you get into the wrong lane. In any of these conditions, the method to be followed remains similar.


Whenever you want to overtake, always look around to figure out the speed and the distance of the oncoming traffic. If you confused to act then wait, until the lane into which you want to move becomes clear, then follow the golden rule of mirror signals and move ahead. It is advisable to never overtake near the bend because the vision at the site is not clear, which may lead to the car crash.

Changing of the lane on the dual carriageway’s:

There are times when you want to change the lane on the dual carriageway then it is essential to know about the exact exit point. It is a wise decision to remain in the slow lane to get stuck in the outer lane. When you want to change the lane then apart of the mirror signals also determine the position and the speed of the faster lane. This skill will help you for a lifetime, during practice if you remain in the slower lane and move when the site is clear, this will grow with you with the passage of time.

Getting into the wrong lane:

This is something that also happens to the professionals to get into the wrong way unintentionally. In this scenario, it is good to have control over the brain, don’t panic yourself and change the lane suddenly. Follow the same procedure which is mentioned above, stay in the same lane until you get a clear space. Move-in the lane till the junction or the next exit then changes lane without any tension.

Crucial steps to avoid any error during lane changing:

Several considerations should be kept in mind while changing lanes. Some of them listed below;

  • On the four-lane road when two lanes drive in one direction and two other in the opposite direction having a median of turning lane in the center, the right lane is mainly designated as the primary driving lane. The left lane is mainly intended to be used by the motorcyclists to pass away from the other vehicles without causing damage. You should not even think to drive in the left lane for a long period of time.
  • All drivers should surrender the left lane for emergency vehicles.
  • It is not safe to weave in and out of the lane continuously with the traffic passing by. This will lead to a severe accident.

How to change the lane properly?

The driver should follow some steps when he or she changes lane each time to have optimal driving safety.

  • If you find that you are behind the slow driving vehicle then it is good for you to change the lane briefly into the left side in order to pass the car. Turn the left lane indication to inform the vehicles behind you that you are moving to the left lane.
  • Check your rare mirrors and side mirrors to know the speed and position of the vehicles behind you.
  • Always check your vehicle’s blind spot for a safe lane change.
  • While maintaining your speed steer smoothly to the left so that your vehicle leaves the right lane to move on the left lane.
  • When you pass the car that is slower in speed then you from the left lane, then turn off the left signal.
  • Turn on your right signal to know other drivers about your intention to move in the right lane.
  • Check your rare mirrors and side mirrors, also check on the blind spot for the motorcyclists.
  • While maintaining your speed, steer the wheel smoothly to the right, so that you can leave the left lane to drive in the right lane.



These are some simple tips and techniques which the learners to change the lane safely and confidently. If you want expert t  to guide you for the defensive drive then go to the driving school to move experienced and advice option in the affordable range. They will help you achieve your goals quickly.

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