11 Essentials for new drivers to deal with heavy traffic

Every new learner wants fast and mistakes free driving on the road, it is like a nightmare for them. As time times passes by, the number of vehicles on road are increasing along with an increase in the number of users.

That’s why heavy traffic occurs on the road each day, with the massive population of vehicles irrespective of their size or position. There are also a few other things that are frustrating for the drivers. There may be some kind of roadblock, construction work going on, etc which creates an uncomfortable environment.

If you want to reach your destination in time then you should know tips and tricks of how to drive in heavy and rush driving hours. Some tips are available for you in this article.

Tips for drivers during rush hours:

No one wants to stick in the middle of the vehicles sea when there is a meeting about to start in the office, a family function almost ready to open up its wings, etc. It is a terrible feeling for the driver to get himself in the middle of nowhere. This may burst the anger and rage inside the driver’s heart, which cause severe accidents or mishap on the road. To avoid such havoc, here are some of the tips given.

Plan your driving time:

Having a plan for everything is essential for a good trip. You should leave the house or any other place before getting the traffic jam by leaving just before 20 min or after the 20 min of rush hours. This will help you to get rid of any troublesome situation. Mainly the rush hours are from 7-9 am and 5-7 pm. You can avoid the heavy traffic by planning your time for the destination.

Slows down your vehicle’s speed:

If you see an unusual increase in cars on the road, then it’s better to slow down the speed of your car. If you are more tempted to drive faster to avoid delay in work, then it would be dangerous for you to cause any casualty. Always try to move with precautions as obstacles have no time and may arise from nowhere. Keep your eyes open for safe driving.

Remove all the distractive objects while driving:

It is advice and precautionary measures for the drivers to avoid all the distractive objects near you. Don’t use your mobile phones during a ride on the road. Social driving is as harmful as drunk driving. These both irresponsible driving types cause the loss of control on the steering which leads to the collision. Also, turn off the music on the radio.

Be in your comfortable speed while driving:

If you want to reach your destination safely and on time, then sticking to the comfortable speed limit also plays a vital role in this regard. Always remember that you are not in the race, so avoid this high-speed racing championship on the road even when you hit the high way. This will help you and other drivers to have a ride in the safe zone without causing a threat to their lives. Try to drive with the normal speed, driving at a slower speed may make the people impatient and causes them to behave rudely or with harsh behavior which may be dangerous for you.

Focus all your attention on the road:

Drivers should pay attention to the road. Looking forward to oncoming traffic may help you know about the distance, as well as the speed of vehicles. In most situations, the heavy traffic breaks down before you reach the other vehicles that are why having a slow speed limit is recommended for you.

Don’t weave in and out on other vehicles:

It is a very crucial matter to discuss weaving in and out on other vehicles in heavy traffic conditions. The rapid switching from one lane to another could be more dangerous for you. If you do so, the driver’s sitting in other cars may also go for it. This can be harsher due to unknown factors for all the drivers. That’s why it is safer for you to remain in one lane.

Always go for defensive driving:

On the road, it is recommended for you to drive slowly and carefully. It is better to know about the language of other vehicles on the road. The impact of heavy traffic is much greater on the driver’s mind. Always scan the road and traffic with your eyes. Along with that, defensive driving is very important for a safe and sound journey.

Follow a three-second distance rule:

You should follow the three-second distance rule while facing heavy traffic. Keep the three seconds distance from the front vehicle by giving the sign. By doing this you get ample time before hitting the sudden brakes but you can also stay away from the rush hour line.

Use indicators:

It seems like many drivers don’t use indicators while taking turns and changing lanes. When there are lots of drivers around you, then you need to inform them about your further actions. Letting people know about your movement of one lane to another may be helpful for your safe and easier driving.

If you are turning or changing lanes then you should remember that there is typically a 100 foot or 5 seconds limit on almost all the states for every blink on the indicator.

Escape from the freeway:

Don’t rush yourself if you find a way to move away from the traffic jam. If you are late already then spend some more time on safe driving. During the heavy traffic situation, the stress level increases up to a greater extent, due to sickness or an uncomfortable environment. In this overwhelming situation, the driver may turn on his emergency lights to move from the freeway. You can stop a while until the lane becomes less crowded. The comfort zone and having control over nerves are important for safe driving.

These tips and techniques are useful for every new learner to drive carefully on the road.

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