How new drivers can get a discount at the insurance

Once you have paid for the driving lessons from the best driving schools the expenses don’t just end there and you have to pay for the driving test and then for the car insurance. Insurance is not an option percent and you definitely have to get one because it has been made necessary according to the rules. Car insurance also gives your security and protection so in case you go through some accident you won’t have to face the burden of that. Usually being a new driver as the insurance companies know that you will be at driving so they make your insurance really expensive.

Why is your car insurance high?

The new drivers pay more than the average car insurance and that is mostly because the insurance companies feel they are inexperienced so they with their less practice will be more prone to the car damages which is why the car insurance for the new drivers is really high. Due to less experienced, the new drivers end up paying way more than the usual car insurance fee. So due to that, some people don’t bother getting a car instance which can be a problem and may cost them even more.

What to do

Being a new driver you will definitely need guidance with the expenses of your driving and that includes car insurance. First of all, you definitely need to have the car insurance because you don’t want to near a load of anything happening to your car and then you not being able to pay for that. So now with all the expensive insurance offer what you need to do is to find a car insurance company that offers discounts to the new drivers and make it easy for you. Most of the new drivers are still in their teenage which means they have to manage their study life along with this so it becomes even difficult to them but with all these insurance companies and increasing competition you can find just the one for you.

Black box insurance

Black box insurance is the insurance in which they give your 20 percent discount and along with that, they will install a black box in your car which will be able to record your movement. This black box insurance comes with certain restrictions like not being able to drive at night and some other things. So if that suits your schedule you can go for that. It’s a great deal for all the drivers. Based on your driving skills you can get a further discount with the black box insurance too. Being careful and sticking to the restrictions is something you will have to do to get this insurance.

Pass plus

Pas plus basically is an additional driving course which teaches you to drive under different conditions. This test can help you save 30% on your black box insurance and that will be only when you have passed the pass plus course test. This test basically consists of the 6 modules and each of this module will last only for an hour. Following are the modules that you will learn throughout your course
• Night driving
• All-weather driving
• Driving on a dual carriageway
• Driving on motorways
• Town driving
• Driving out of town
Other ways to save money
Being a new driver you should get yourself ready for the expenses but there are a few things that you can save some money and they are as follows
• Look for all the insurance companies and then go for the one you can afford
• You can also buy the insurance in the name of your driving parent so you don’t have to pay more.
• Don’t modify your vehicle and even if you do inform your insurer about it.

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