Handling wildlife while driving on roads

Have you ever encountered wildlife while driving on roads? You must have it! We understand that you are fully equipped with the driving techniques and you know how and when to start and stop but wildlife is not so. Animals are not aware of traffic rules and they don’t have the idea that they have to avoid coming in contact with this huge machine that runs on roads. Keeping in mind the awareness level of animals you automatically become responsible for their life also when encountering them on roads.

Tip to handle wildlife on roads

It is very obvious that despite all the efforts there is no foolproof technique to keep the animals away from roads. The best way to save yourself and the animal is to take precautions and vigilantly follow the tips that have been discussed below.

  • Slow down

Driving slowly can save you from a lot of trouble because you have more time to think and take action. Applying brakes while already being slow makes the process of stopping even smoother.

  • Be extra careful at dusk and dawn

Dusk and dawn are the time periods when animals love to venture in search of food and shelter. Moreover, it is the time when the light is dim and the roads are not clear. So, being careful at dawn and dusk is what can save you from accidents.

  • Wildlife crossing signs

Sign of wildlife crossing is used for awareness of drivers so that they can be mentally prepared which species they may encounter anytime. Proper knowledge about traffic signs is important for this cause.

  • Flashing headlights on and off

When you see an animal, you should try to make him alert about your presence. Switching the headlights on and off can help you in the process. Once an animal gets alert it might run away. Make sure you maintain enough distance between your vehicle and the animal so that it can be easy for it to get space for running.

  • Minimize distractions

Distractions are a very common reason for hitting animals. Getting busy with other stuff while driving is the reason people miss out on the sight of an animal nearby and get into accidents. So, minimize your distractions as much as you can to ensure your and animal safety.

What might happen if you hit an animal?

Hoofed animals are more dangerous if hit by a vehicle as they can roll onto the car bonnet and then into the windshield. They can also roll over the roof of the car depending upon the force they are hit with. Broken glass of windshield can cause damage to the driver, passengers sitting inside, and the animal itself.

Wrap up

Animal life matters and there are strict rules regarding them. You are bound to report the traffic police about the animal you hit. So, if you act upon the tips mentioned above you save yourself and the from a lot of damage. If hitting the animal is inevitable then you should make sure that you apply breaks and go as slow as possible so that the impact could be reduced.

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