Get in Gear: your first time in the driving seat

You may be preparing yourself for your first driving lesson booking and it seems to be really exciting for you to have the first driving lesson, but it doesn’t take long for anyone to get nervous when the time comes for you to get behind the wheel for the first time and start your first driving lesson. So, to avoid getting nervous we are going to discuss a few things which will help you to keep calm and cool and keep you mentally prepared and relaxed before or during your first driving lesson.

  • How to get ready for your driving lesson: –

When it is the time you are going to take your first driving lesson, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing and avoid any restrictive clothing or footwear. So that you can move easily and relaxed. Make sure that you have your provisional license because maybe in any case the instructor will check your provisional license if you don’t have it at that time then you will not be able to get your driving lesson or get behind the wheel legally. Make sure that you are physically fit and active to take the first lesson or for your practice drive.

  • Thinking that will you have to drive on your first day: –

Don’t overthink or have negative ideas about your first driving lesson. no need to worry about driving on the first day you will not be asked on the first day to drive so take it easy. You’re driving instructor will first teach you about some basic rules of driving.

  • What are the driving tests?-

Most of the learners think that driving lessons are only the practical performance of your driving ability, but their thinking is completely wrong driving lessons are not just about doing some practical performance but it also includes theoretical or logical studies of driving which includes questionnaires and some of the tests which have some standard passing criteria fixed by the government if you have to pass the test then you must have to obtain at least passing score if your marks are less than the standard criteria then you will be considered as fail and you have to repeat the test again and score standard marks. And for the part of the questionnaire, there are about 100 questions and the time to answer these questions is 60 minutes, you have to answer at least 80 right answers to pass this part. And in the end, the main part where your all effort will be rewarded is the practical test in which you will be asked to drive a car and the instructor will be with you in the same car he will be keenly observing all of your actions and steps or response you give in any kind of situation.

Now we come to the real point by reading above heading don’t get worried about the driving lessons you may be thinking that it is quite difficult for you to pass and getting nervous so don’t be, nothing is impossible there is always a solution to every problem. Now come to the point there are many institutes in each city that are providing driving classes and many other driving courses at very affordable prices these institutes will help you to improve your driving skills and build up your confidence so that you can perform well in your practical test. They also take practice tests to improve your performance make sure that you will pass your driving test in no time with the first attempt

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