General causes of car crashes and how to prevent them

Hundreds and thousands of people get into car accidents every year and mostly all these accidents are caused by the same reasons. When a person goes out of his home with a ton of steel that has a high capacity of causing harm, he automatically becomes accountable for its better use. It is really important to know what major problems or reasons for car crashes are so that you could avoid such things when you go through the same process.

Some general causes of car crashes and the ways to prevent them are given below.

Distracted driving

Distractions catch your attention and make you forget what you were doing for a while. Distractions during driving can be life-threatening.

Many things can distract a person and among all those mobile phones hold the topmost place. Most of the car crashes occur when the drivers get busy using their mobile phones during driving like texting and calling. Other distractions include

  • The disturbance caused by kids and pets
  • Annoying passengers
  • Self-grooming during driving
  • Playing with radio
  • Counting money while driving
  • Eating or drinking during driving

How to prevent it:

Eating, drinking, texting, and all other such things should be avoided while driving. Similarly, passengers should cooperate with the driver.

Aggressive driving

Some people get aggressive very easily. Any gesture of someone can make them lose their mind. There are thousands of people driving on the roads so if these people somehow get in connect with a person who annoys them intentionally or unintentionally, they get aggressive and so lose control over themselves.

How to prevent it:

There is no solution to such a situation other than self-control. This person has to control his emotions and has to realize that he is putting his and others’ lives in danger.

Emotion instability

Emotional stability is important while driving. Some people have a habit of doing rush driving when they are in some kind of tension thus putting their and others’ lives in danger.

How to prevent it:

The solution to this problem is exactly as the previous ones. Self-control can ease the situation. Moreover, the friends and family have a high responsibility to stop him from driving in such a situation

DUI; driving under the influence

Driving under the influence is the state when someone drives an automobile while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is a crime with proper penalties and the accused person has to go through a long court procedure.

DUI is a very important cause of car crashes as only in 2012 there were 300,00 cases reported and 100,000 people lost their lives due to it.

How to prevent it:

DUI is a serious condition and so it already has serious penalties. To lessen the number of such cases awareness should be spread among the public.

Parked car accidents

For some people parking a car is the most difficult part of driving so when they face such a situation, they bump their car into some car that was already parked there. This mostly happens due to lack of confidence because it has been seen some people even after many years of experience people are afraid of congested parking lots.

How to prevent it:

Such a person should join a driving school to learn parking skills and practice it another possible solution can be to boost up his confidence.

Over speeding

Over speeding is very dangerous because applying brakes when the car is at high speed often leads to miss control and thus crashing the car. The tires either get locked in such a situation causing rear-end collision or they slip which causes the collision of the car with the next car present just in front of it.

How to prevent it:

Mostly such people realize their mistakes after they are asked to pay challan and if it continues the traffic in-charge mostly asks the accused person to submit his license.

Wrap up

Car crashes mostly cause life loss and is very common so the reasons should not be taken lightly. Every driver should pay attention to such an issue and figure what is their weak point. It will help them overcome their flaws and provide safe drives.

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