Causes of car crashes and their solutions

Nowadays there is a big issue of car crashes that is very critical. This is because many living beings can be hurt by these incidents. There are many reasons for car accidents and but mostly the same reasons are observed.90% percent of car crashes occur because of driver’s mistakes and 10 percent due to natural conditions. If you are driving safely yourself then that doesn’t mean you are safe because you have to protect yourself from the negligence of all other drivers on the road as well. Sometimes it happens that you also became part of an accident but there is no mistake of yours and all fault is of other driver but you should know that you can not be easy with this because it’s a matter of life and death.

The following are the mistake of the driver and natural problems that are the cause of a car accident.

  1. Speeding is the most common cause of car accident
  2. Drunk driving or driving under the influence
  3. Distractions on the road and inside the car
  4. Cell Phone distractions like calling and texting
  5. Weather problems also sometimes go for bad luck of driver
  6. The red Light crossing can also cause crashes
  7. Driver Fatigue or week driving skills cause accidents.


Now we will discuss these causes in detail to overcome car crash incidents.

Distracted driving or weak driving skills

This is the biggest cause of car crashes. The driver should focus on the road while driving because their life is more important than all the other things. These distractions can cause them serious issues. The weak driving skills are also big drawbacks for drivers because the divers who cannot drive good should not be given license as this can be very dangerous for everyone around them.


Over speeding 

Usually over speeding is a typical adventure for the youngsters or in cases of shortage of time they go for over speeding. It also happens when you are aggressive so you change the lanes quickly and you are not in your senses. Over speeding is the second major cause of car crashes. To overcome it an awareness program should be started about its hazards. Speed limit board should be placed on the road t different places and speed should be noted at regular intervals. For preventing over-speeding people should get high penalties and heavy challan fines. Drivers should be fine or banned who cross the speed limit again and again. This action can help us overcome the cases of car crashes due to over speeding.


Cell phone usage while driving 

Cell phones interrupt your focus on the road and are dangerous for your life when you use them while driving. The usage of the cell phone should be fined strictly. To avoid the accidents due to this issue you should keep a check on your right and left mirror and avoid keeping mobile phones on. You can at least keep them on silent so that you don’t get triggered by hearing your ringtones.


Drunk driving or driving under the influence

One should not drive a car while he’s drunk because he’s not in his senses and it will be dangerous for all life around him. The drunk driver faces serious penalties and is banned if you do some serious problem. If a person is drunk he should take a taxi to go to your home. It will help you save you and all other living beings. If you are drunk and also a fast driver then it will be dangerous while changing the lanes.


Bad weather conditions

You should always check the weather conditions. If there is rain outside then don’t go for driving as the road is slippery and there is a chance of slipping and can cause a big crash. If heavy rainfall starts then it is the best option that you should wait for the storm to pass.


Wrap up

Driving is a huge responsibility as it can be a matter of life and death of humans and animals around you. Car crashes can cause serious destruction to buildings also. You should always be vigilant in this matter and save lives without putting anyone in danger.


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