Bay Parking Reference Points that you need to know About

When you are learning how to drive there are other things involved too like learning how to park your
car or how can you maintain your car all these things are the part of your driving and that is why the
Best Driving Schools teach you all these aspects of driving. These are the things that help you get
through your driving test and parking is basically the most important part of your driving test and you
definitely get asked a question related to the parking or you get asked to perform a maneuver that is
related to different types of the parking. Reverse bay parking is one of such maneuvers too in which
you have to park your car in the reverse in the bay area. You need to know a few reference points that
will help you park your car properly by this method. Following are some of the reference points that will
help you.

Reference point A

Reference point A is the point where the car is aligned in such a way that the middle of the front door is
parallel to the line of the bay. In this way, you will be parking alongside the third line to that.

Reference point B

Reference point B is the point in which 3 rd lie starts appearing in the passenger side of the mirror and at
this point, you have to do a full left turn while reversing.

Reference point C

When the 2nd line starts appearing in the driving side mirror then you will have to free the steering wheel
and just glide the car in a straight manner.
Once you are done with that you have to do the double check seeing if both lines of the bay are parallel
to the side mirrors on both side and this will mean your car is parked straight.,

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