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Why females have a high passing rate in theory test instead of males

Basically, the theory test is the first part of the driving test which comes before the practice test. And passing the theory test is compulsory if you want to pass the driving test. Without passing the theory test you cannot go on the next step of the test which is a practice test. The theory is the first thing you learn in the best driving schools in the UK. Without learning the theory the instructor will not allow you to sit in the car. Because he knows that without knowing about the rules and road markings, etc you cannot become a good driver. So, the first completely give you the knowledge of theory and prepared you for theory tests and road driving. Without knowledge of theory, you can’t become a good driver. And also, you can’t pass the theory test.

Females are good in theory instead of males

According to the research of agency, females have a high pass rate than males in the theory test. More than 49.3% of female candidates passing the theory test as compared to less than 45.9% of males. With more than 55.9% passing rate females at the Norwich test centre did particularly very well. The theory test is not always been in the place you give answers to the question about highway codes during the practical test in 1996.

Why females are better in theory test instead of males

Most of the females concentrate on the preparation of the theory test and males concentrate on the practical test more than theory test. And the reason behind it is that they think they can pass the theory test without its preparation. Because they think the theory test is very easy to pass but in reality they are incorrect. They have also to focus on the theory. Even females have to give attention to the practical test.

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