Why Eccles drivers use Bridgestone brand tires in their cars

Eccles is the town in the city of Salford Greater Manchester, England. Its general temperature is 8C. And it is necessary you should know which brands tires are suitable in this town. Basically, tires are the compulsory part of the vehicle. Because the whole structure of the car stands on it. If its condition is not good then it cannot hold the vehicle structure properly. Also, you cannot able to drive the car. If your car tires are not good and you don’t change it then it can become the reason for road accidents. Some people drive a car even if their tires are in not good condition then they stick on the road. So make it your habit that you regularly check your car tires before driving the car. In the best driving schools in the UK, they teach you how you can check the condition of the tires.

Eccles Auto Service

Yes, it is true that Eccles auto service is a proud partner of Bridgestone Tire Company. Bridgestone is also the world’s biggest company of rubber and tire.

Knowledge about Bridgestone Company

Bridgestone established in 1931 in Japan. It is famous for its good quality tires. And they are every time in search of the latest innovative ways to improve their tires products.

Main tires brands of Bridgestone Company

There are names of main tires brand of Bridgestone Company:


This tire is specially designed for the performance. It is used in sports cars because it provides responsiveness, better control, and handling allowing the driver to take a precise sharp turn.

Drive guard

It is a good brand tire. It can continue to drive for an additional more than 79 km after a flat to assure you get to a safe place.

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