What is Clutch Control and How to do it

Maintaining the speed of the car is something that most of the people can’t do better in one do and
they need a lot of the practice. This is basically the main point which decides if the person can drive or
not and if you can’t control your clutch this will mean you are not able to drive your car better. When
you are finally giving your driving test if you are unable to control, your clutch well on the road you
won’t be able to pass it at all and this is the first thing that most of the driving schools teach. You need
to understand it better and have a lot of practice for it if you want to do this better. Only the Best
Driving Schools will be able to explain it better to you and will be able to make you good at it as well.

What is clutch control?

Clutch control is basically the hold of your feet on the clutch and how you need to do it. You will learn
everything related to the clutch during your clutch control lessons. If you can control the clutch better
you will be able to drive better and smoothly like a professional driver.it is basically the controlling
speed of the car when you are driving slowly.

Biting point of the clutch

When you start your car you have to hold your clutch down and then put your car in the first gear and
then start releasing the clutch slowly while providing the gas to your car which can be done by the
accelerator. You will have to keep releasing the clutch slowly until the biting point has been reached and
it is the point where the back of the car has been dipped and it starts making noises and that is the point
you should keep your clutch still.

Clutch control

Now with the clutch pressed down slightly you can also change the gears and with the appropriate
control, your car will move slowly and smoothly.

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