What Intensive Driving Courses Near Me Teach About Distracted Driving?

Intensive driving courses are short crash courses that you can join when you have to get a license in a very short amount of time. This type of driving course can be very helpful for people who have a little bit of know-how about driving and for people who don’t know how to drive at all must take full driving courses. This type of driving course is also available in driving schools, but you can finish such a course in a week or two. In such intensive driving courses near me, you will be taught all aspects of driving and what not to do. If you know something about driving, you must have heard about distracted driving. Distracted driving is something that you should say far away from. Many driving courses and schools teach you about the disadvantages of distracted driving. It is something g that is taught in short courses like intensive driving courses near me.

Distracted driving courses

You can learn a lot about distracted driving online, but much more about it when you look for intensive driving courses near me. If you are unaware of this term, you should know that distracted driving is taking part in other activities while you are driving. Behind the wheel, you are not only operating that wheel but are also involved in activities that can distract you and can end up causing you accidents. The distraction doesn’t have to be inside the vehicle; I could be something outside of your vehicle. You can handle getting your attention diverted while diverting when you are a skilled driver, but a new driver could cause you bad accidents instead. Skilled or not, your attention should be 100% on the road while driving so that there is no risk of accidents.

Types of distracted driving

When you look for intensive driving courses near me, you will also be able to learn about different types of distracted driving. Following are all the types of distracted driving

Visual distraction

Visual distraction is the type of distraction that takes your eye off the road. This way, you won’t see any coming vehicles or obstacles while driving. Something that catches your eye can make you lose sight of the road, and it can end up causing you accidents. Using your phone or looking at the billboards comes in visual distraction. This doesn’t mean you can’t look outside, but you have to learn the right time to take your eyes off of the road.

Whatever happens, your eyes shouldn’t stay too long off of the road. Most of the time, it becomes important for you to look elsewhere, which can be when you are looking for something outside or reading traffic signs. You cant completely ign0re your surroundings, but it should be taught to you in intensive driving courses near me how to keep a perfect balance at looking outside without becoming a distracted driver.

Manual distractions

Manual distraction makes you take your hands off of the wheel of your vehicle. This way, you can lose control of your car. This would be something that you must be doing in your car, like using your cell phone or eating something. This way, even if you are paying attention to the road, your hands won’t be on the wheel for any quick action needed to take in emergencies, so this can end up causing you worse accidents.

Avoiding manual distraction doesn’t mean that you should keep your hands on the steering wheel, but you should keep your eyes on the road if you have to. Your movements should be quick. When attempting to pick something up, most people end up steering the wheel in that particular direction, and it can cause accidents. When you are using a phone, it is causing you manual and visual, and cognitive distractions.

Cognitive distraction

Another type of distraction is cognitive distraction, where your mind is not on the road even though you are looking at the road, but your mind is elsewhere. In such cases, even if your hands and eyes are on the vehicle, you can still end up causing accidents. So, you should stay alert on the road even if you are not doing something else.

Most of the time, emotions are Make sure you are emotionally stable before getting behind the wheel, and if you are too overwhelmed, you can put your car in the park for a while till you get normal. Make sure you are well rested; otherwise, it would be easy to distract your mind.

What things cause major distractions

Above were all the types of distractions while driving, but now we will discuss the top distractions you face while driving, and most of the time, they become the cause behind an accident. Following are some of those things

  • Using your phone is a major risk factor. It would help if you never used your phone while driving. While using a phone, a person is visually, manually, and cognitively distracted.
  • Passengers can also become the reason behind accidents. If the passenger talks to you, it will take your mind off the road.
  • Daydreaming can also cause accidents. Nothing is wrong with daydreaming except when you are in a car. Losing your attention for even a little while can cause major accidents.
  • Eating or drinking is also one of your major distractions while driving. If you have to eat, make sure your car is pared before.

How to avoid distractions

It is important to avoid distracted driving, and many intensive driving courses near me can teach you that the following is what you need to do

  • Make sure you realize that distracted driving shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Consider your vehicle as a weapon
  • Make sure that you know the route to your destination before driving.
  • Don’t drive In a rush, and it can divert your attention.


This was everything that you will learn in intensive driving courses near me. You now know how hazardous distracted driving is and what types of things people do are considered distractions. Avoiding all these things can ensure a safe journey. It would help if you were as careful as you could for your own and others’ safety.

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