Tips for new drivers of instructors of the best driving school of motoring

There is a big difference between driving in driving school and driving on the road after passing the driving test. According to the survey, one out of five new drivers crushes their car in their first year of license. No matter how confident the driver you are. You still need the experience of the road and tips of experienced drivers for safe driving. Also, you can get advice about the traffic rules because the experienced drivers had faced different bad conditions and the difficulties of the road. Also they know how to deal with them. The instructors of the best driving schools in the UK tell you all the tips to drive safe. And also the best drive school of motoring gives to their pupils. If you want to drive safely and keep your car well you just need to follow the tips.

Know some mechanical work

It is essential you know some mechanical work of the car. Because in case you stuck in a mechanical problem then you can easily get yourself out from it. A good instructor teaches you all the necessary mechanical work of the car. But if they didn’t teach you then you cannot be able to take yourself out of any mechanical problem. Also, you can’t be able to pass the driving test.

Preparation for winter

The winter can make your driving difficult and dangerous. Even if you are an experienced and good driver because we all know that, the environment affects the driving and the condition of the car. So if you want to make your car self and want to drive safe you need to do some preparation. These are those preparations that an experienced driver does in winter. And these are those preparations that an experienced instructor teaches to their pupils. If you don’t do these preparations you cannot be able to be a safe driver. Also, you can stick to any problem in winter if you do not do these preparations. Make sure you are prepared for all the hazards the cold weather can bring. There are some winter driving tips for drivers.

Car preparation

It is necessary you make sure your car is ready for inhospitable winter weather. Because freezing temperatures, rain and snow can all take their toll on your car. Also, have your vehicle checked by an experienced mechanic. Checked the condition of tires, anti-freeze, etc, ensure if any issue happened to your car you can fix it.

Survival kit

It is important you packed the winter survival kit before driving in winter. It is very helpful to stay safe in winter.

Plan the journey

All experienced and good drivers will advise you to avoid traveling in winter if you can. But if it is essential to travel choose the save route to travel.

Preparation for summer

As we all know summer is the weather of heat and nobody wants to stand out on a Sun. So if you do not want to stand out on the sun and want to minimize the car damage. Then put some time into preparing your car for the heat. If you do prepare your car then it will help you to prevent breakdowns, minimize damage to your vehicle and help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. If something does go wrong. There are some tips that can help you to save yourself by all the hazards the summer weather can bring.

  • Checking oil and water.
  • Checking tires condition.
  • Keeps the cool air flowing.
  • Wear your sunglasses.
  • Throw some shade on it.
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