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The UK needs driving instructors

The Driver Training business in the UK has been hit hard by the imposition of the 2020 shutdown. There is a significant backlog of keen learners who are interested in taking driving lessons, but unfortunately, there are not enough driving instructors to educate all of them. The United Kingdom is now experiencing a driving instructor shortage.

Reasons for driving instructor shortage in the UK

All of the problems that driving schools are having now are because of COVID-19. After the lockdown in 2020, about 8,000 instructors did not go back to work. Only about 1,200 ADI badges have been renewed, compared to over 7,000 in 2019/2020.

 The detrimental effect that COVID has on the industry

  • All driving lessons stopped immediately during the lockdown.
  •  There was an accumulation of uncompleted driving tests.
  • The number of people put on waiting lists to start classes kept growing…
  • The DVSA was not able to conduct ADI exams for its trainers.
  • Instructors had to leave their jobs and look for other sources of income.


The high demand for new driving instructors 

Driving instructors are in extremely great demand right now. As a result of a combination of driving instructors departing the profession, delayed driving lessons, and the rise in the number of people interested in learning how to drive to avoid public transport and maintain social distancing. 

is it safe to become a driving instructor?

Driving instructors are already in high demand as we mentioned before and they will always be needed since individuals of all ages want to drive.

Driving instructors work for themselves, help others, and set their schedules. Full-time driving instructors make around £40,000 per year, depending on location, duties, and hours. So what is stopping you from becoming one? check our website and choose a driving instructor and start your training.


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