Tell me How you Make Sure your Head Restraint is Correctly Adjusted so it Provides the best Protection in the event of a Crash.

Everything that is present inside your car is either there for the functioning of your vehicle or is there for
the safety and comfort of the person. Safety should be the utmost importance of the person driving a
vehicle. The safety is important and that is why everything in your vehicle installed there for the safety
of yours is of the great importance.

Headrest and how to adjust them

The headrest is one such thing in your car that is present there for the safety as well as comfort. Most of the people know its use as something to make vehicle comfortable for you but apart from that, the headrest is also used for safety. It helps save your head and neck from the impact from behind because this type of impact make your neck go through a whiplash.

Importance of headrest

The presence of the head restraint also known as the headrest lowers the force of the impact and.
When the car is hit from the rear the head of your jerks back and then with same force is jerked forward
too and in doing so your head or neck may go through some severe injury that is why the headrest is
very important to stop that kind of injury. While you are making sure that your headrest is in place you
also need to make sure that it is in a good position.

Adjusting your headrest

Adjusting your headrest according to you is very important and I something that is taught to you in your
driving lesson. Best Driving Schools always make sure to teach their students that. You should
always adjust your headrest according to your height. If you are no tall then make sure that it is not in its
highest position so it will be uncomfortable for you because of its curved position. How much your seat
is reclined also defines how your headrest should be adjusted.

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