Start driving but properly

Start driving but properly

If you’re just starting to learn how to drive a car and want to read about some of the fundamentals you need to take into account when driving or just want a few tips for driving, you’re right. If you learn how to drive, you have to remember a lot of things. Indeed, it is important to be careful if you are behind the steering wheels, be it a novice or a  driver. Here are some guidelines a beginner should take into account:

Get acquainted with your car

The first thing you can do before you start driving is to make your car comfortable. Before you start driving, get to know the fundamentals of the car in principle. Learn what a clutch does, grasp the equipment arrangements, and learn information such as that you can never drive at higher speed into the lower gear and that it is Toujours easier to stop the car before using the reverse gear.

Correct your seat position

It is important to have the right sitting position, even experienced drivers do not position properly and therefore lack comfort and control which increases the likelihood of accidents. Make sure you sit squarely in the seat with your back and fins completely cupped and are in the angle such that back injuries can be prevented. The seat should be put very clearly and easily in a position to see everything around. The height of the seat should generally be such that the eyes are half the height of the windshield. When applying the speed, brake, and clutch pedals of the car, the seat should be lengthwise at a place where your knees are not too close. Push your right foot to the brake absolutely and depress your connexion so that your knees remain bent at approximately 120 degrees as you depress the pedals entirely. Sit straight and don’t get on with it.

Holding the steering wheel correctly

While it is not possible to hold a steering wheel correctly, correctness depends on how you want it to be able to manipulate the wheel as much as possible. The ‘9 pm and 3 pm’ location is best in most studies. Holding the steering wheel correctly is very necessary, so as to have the best control over the steering and the vehicle.

Ignore distractions

Be alert, customize the mirrors, wear your seatbelt, and take note of the rules of the road when you are in the driver’s position. Avoid distractions when driving, because today the roads are filled with jams and so you have to concentrate your eyes and mind every second. Before you start driving, use a cell phone two most common and simple rules; don’t drink and drive while driving. New drivers should particularly stop eating, turn the music into a huge volume, and participate in deep conversations alongside these laws.

Recall the use of turn signals

Recognize the meaning of turn signals or indicators. When you are along the way, all of you are one, so when you’re about to turn, it’s really important to warn your vehicles. The use of signals helps to save many road accidents.

Avoid overspeeding

When you drive a car, the most popular temptation is to accelerate. Before you start speeding, it is very important that you first know the vehicle.

Don’t unnecessarily use the horn

Horns to warn you, drivers, not to frustrate. Excessive use of horns can irritate drivers and often result in rages on the road.

Keep a significant distance from other vehicles

One should always keep a reasonable distance from the front car. You may be a secure driver and all laws and regulations are complied with, but that does not guarantee that the others are too.

Calm while driving

Don’t allow your mood to influence the way you drive, especially if you’re a beginner. A step in frustration shouldn’t drive you up and you don’t have the right to pace in the middle of the road in a good mood. Always remain calm and composed and follow the laws and guidelines when driving.


If you take these basic instructions into account when planning for the first time, the experience is a little less terrifying. Driving is not anything to be dreaded, but it’s an immense responsibility. You take your protection and other people’s safety into your own hands every time you get behind the wheel. Make sure you are happy to drive by calming you and learning the rules of the road for the first time.


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