Signs of wrong driving instructor

Many pupils change their driving school because of some reasons, which means they start learning to drive in another school but after taking some lessons they change their school because of some reasons like bad behaviour of instructors or inexperienced instructors, etc. This happens only in phoney and bad driving schools that just want to collect money not to teach you. But in the best driving schools in the UK, they teach you how to drive safely and they show you that learning driving should be a fun and positive experience. This happens in only well and real driving school because they have experienced instructor who knows how to teach their students and how to behave with their students. When some students share their experiences with the teachers of the best driving school they a big blow to hear them. There are some signs that tell you, you are with the wrong instructor.

Does your instructor shout at you?

If your instructor shouts at you it means you are with the wrong instructor. The behaviour of the instructor with their students should be nice and in good manners. The behaviour of the instructor shows that is instructor has experience or not. The only experienced and well instructor knows how to behave with their students. If the instructor explains their pupils in a good manner then they understand very well and if the instructor shouts at you then the pupil can’t understand. If the instructor shouts at you it means you need to change your school and go to that school that knows how to behave and how to teach.

 We spend more time talking than doing

Driving is like a form of art because the more you practice, the better you get at it. If you want to become a good driver it is important you do more and more practice. You talk all day about how the car works, how to control a car and how to control the speed, but the reality is you never learn how to drive the car until you get to practice. If you want to pass the driving test for a driving license you have to practice not talking because, in the driving test, the examiner sees your practice in real life, not talking. If you spend a lot of money and all day you talk about how car work, it means you are wasting your time and money because driving is the name of practice not of talk. In good driving school, they ask for more and more practice because by practice you can become a good driver. Only in phoney and bad driving schools it happens they just talk about how the car works and they did not chance to do practice. If you are one of these schools so you need to change your school and instructor for a better future.

I paid for more lessons than I needed and didn’t get my money back

If you do block book lessons but pass your driving test before you used all of them. So you should get back your extra money from your instructor. For example, you book 12 lessons with an instructor but you use only 10 lessons, so he has to refund you the money for the remaining 2 lessons because he did not use them. But if the instructor does not refund you this money means he is robbing your money and you need to complain to him at the police station. This kind of problem happens in only a fake school because they open a driving school to collect money. If you are in one of these driving schools so please change your school and go to the best school for a better future.

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