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School zone driving tips that are must to follow

School zones are placed to ensure the safety of the children in and around the school area. If the class is in session then drivers are responsible to create awareness among them for safety. After the class, the drivers should make a way for a child to walk by or bike to without the fear of being hit by any of the vehicles. As a driver, you must not neglect the importance of the school zone and follow the speed limit and traffic laws for proper safety.

A typical school zone speed limit in most of the US states is 15mph and 25mph other than the posted limits.

There are some tips which must be considered to avoid any accident on the road.

Recognize the school zones:

In the morning the drivers are little sleepy and busy in distraction caused by mobile phone conversation they don’t even recognize the school zone and drive into the area haphazardly. Sometimes the heavy vehicles also enter the close proximity of the school without recognizing the zone. The main step of recognizing the school zones is that you are aware of them. Most of the school zones are entitled by many warning signs flashing lights or speed bumps. All these things are helpful for you to have safe travel. The best rule of safe driving is having full attention on the road.

Never pass the bus from behind:

Drivers should be at high alert early in the morning from 6 – 8 am when it’s the time for the class of millions of students around the world. And also from 12- 3 pm when they have to exit their class to reach their homes.

Never pass the school bus when it is loading or unloading the children and also when the stop sign is extended and lights are flashing. The National Safety Council research says that many children lost their lives in the accidents on the road due to the illegal crossing of motorcyclists or by the bus itself.

Do not block the crosswalks:

When you reach the stop sign or the traffic signal, stop your vehicle behind the marked white line called crosswalks. When the vehicles stop in the crosswalks then it causes the pedestrians to move around the vehicle in between the moving traffic.

Yield when flashing:

The Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons are the best solution for high-risk intersections in the school safety zone. Pedestrians always have the right to way, but sometimes drivers don’t consider them. When the system is flashing the pedestrians actively cross the lane. At that time, the driver should know his yield.

Always respect the crossing guard:

Crossing Guards are placed at an intersection when the children are at more risk. Crossing guards are helping the pedestrians to cross the crosswalks. This is possible only if the drivers respect the guard’s authority and stop at their signals.

The crossing guard is first and the last person only on the crosswalk. If you see him on the intersection, then remember that there are pedestrians passing by.

Reduce your vehicles speed when you reach the school safety zone:

Reduce the car’s speed whenever you see the signboard of the school safety speed limit. Always assume that the students are passing by during school hours and you have to follow the speed limit posted on the board. Otherwise, you will be fined by the crossing guards. Most states impose the fine on drivers avoiding the order.

Keep your distractions away when you are driving:

Get rid of any of the distractions when you read the school zone. Because the children are unpredictable by nature if there is no sign of them coming but they appear suddenly from nowhere. Only a single second of delay may lead to a hard collision.

Severe fines:

Beware of the law that most states have imposed severe fines for the drivers who are breaking the traffic laws in the school zones. In many areas, double or triple fines are placed in and around the school zone. These fines are only meant for the safety of the children. Understand the importance of the life of a small child. Nothing is more precious in the world except one’s life, as the children are small they are not aware of the rules then it is your responsibility to make them safe.


More than millions of children made their way to school to lighten up their future and the nations also. Then it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure the security of a small kid. The drivers should drive with full attention on the road especially in the school safety zone.

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