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Risks of drunk driving

Even if you haven’t taken the driving lessons from any of the best driving schools and have been taking cheap lessons you would still know what the results of driving while you are drunk. First of all nothing good comes out of when you are extremely drunk and if it doesn’t kill you slowly then t will kill you immediately of you finally decide to drive while drinking. People even after knowing all this make such careless decisions and end up hurting badly. So what you need to do is to learn all these risks of driving while you are drunk so that you would know how bad it can be.

Amount of accidents by this

The real risk of driving while drinking is that you are not on the proper shape of mind and you make stupid decisions which can lead to the accidents and if the accident is any worse than you can lose your life and will be putting the lives of other people on risk too. Each year there has been just an increase in the causalities caused by driving while drinking. Each year thousands of people die because of them and of that is an alarming situation. We already know even a little bit of carelessness can cause a lot of people to lose their lives and it can be even worst of you are drunk driving.

Factors that affect the behavior

We all know that alcohols act differently on every one of us. So if you are lightweight already you know the alcohol will be hitting you faster and even a small amount of consumption can cause severe reactions. Your metabolism also plays its part in this and so does the fact that you have eaten something before or after it. It also affects you more and less based on your gender and age.

Drink driving limit

Drink driving limit also varies based on these factors. Basically, the drink limit is the amount of alcohol you can consume when you are driving. It is tested in the form of units. You can have only 35 micrograms of alcohol in the 100 ml of breath. Most of the time the test is performed by a breath analyzer. You must be wondering how can you analyze how much you alcohol you are drinking because every beverage has different levels of alcohol. But you can figure it out by the amount mentioned on the bottle and with a little bit of calculation in your mind you can

What if you get caught?

As you know that there is only a certain limit to which you can drink alcohol. There is I creasing strictness about this because of the increasing accidents because of drink driving. You can be stopped by police if they suspect anything and you even have to blow air into a breathalyzer and of the amount of alcohol in your breath is upper than the approved limit then you will be charged with a fine which also varies all over the world but it is a lot more than people can afford. This may also come along with years of imprisonment so drunk driving is definitely not worth all that. You may also lose your job and carrier because of that.

What to do if you are drinking alcohol

If you are going to drink alcohol then have someone else drive the car but if you are alone and have no one else with you then you should just opt for the cab. If you get caught then you will not be excused o this at all. So instead of putting you and everyone else at the risk so you should not get into the driving seat of you have been drinking.


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