Provisional Driving License

Every country has its own traffic rules and in the United Kingdom, the rules about the traffic are quite
strict and so are the driving test. Passing these test is very important to get your driving license and for that purpose, you will definitely need a driving school. But the thing about United Kingdom traffic rules is that you are not even allowed to learn driving without a license. This form of a license is known as the provisional license.

Provisional license

A provisional license is a license that you get so that that you can learn how to drive a car. From
wherever you are taking your driving education this license will be needed no matter what. The purpose of this license is that no one should be allowed to drive without a license and its license is made available only if there is a proof that you are actually learning how to drive a car or any other vehicle. Importance of this license is that now people cannot drive around under the presence of learning driving. You can have this license 3 months before from your 7 th birthday so as soon you turn 17 you can apply for the driving license.

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