Meaning of dashboard warning lights

Basically dashboard lights are the warning light which indicates an issue with your car. That needs either an immediate action or checking transmission temperature. It plays an important role in your vehicle. Dashboard light also indicates the temperature of the engine when the temperature exceeded from the normal limits or if it decreases from the normal limit.

Does the best driving school in the UK tell you the meaning of dashboard warning lights

It is very essential you know the meaning of the dashboard warning lights. If you want to pass the driving test and want to become a good driver. The instructors of the best driving schools of the UK tell you the meaning of all the dashboard warning lights. An experienced driver knows the meaning of all the dashboard warning lights. Also in the driving test, the examiner asks a question about the dashboard warning lights. And if you don’t give the answers to that question he failed you in driving test. So the knowledge of dashboard warning lights is necessary. According to the one section result of a nationwide survey in order to find out about the level of knowledge of the UK’s road users is that turns out these lights aren’t as self-explanatory as they are meant to be.

Dashboard warning lights

There are some dashboard warning lights meanings.

Oil light

The oil light signified the low oil. This means when the level of oil decreases from the limited level it turns on. And when it goes up from the limited level it turns off. According to the survey, more than 84% of males correctly identified the oil light. As compared to females less than 80% give the right answer. Even some women said it indicates the “engine warning”. And 10% of men also confused the “engine warning” light for the oil light. These are the common mistakes which candidate do during the test and are failed. You can avoid those mistakes by learning the meanings of dashboard lights.

Fog light

It indicates the fog lights of your car that is they are on or off. More than 96.5% of both males and females give the correct answer here. However, less than 2.5% of males thought it represented the oil light. And some females thought it represented the handbrake light.

Handbrake light

It shows that did you apply the handbrake or not. If you applied the handbrake then the light turns on and if you did not then light turns off. In the test, more than 90% of females and less than 87% of men give the right answer. The remaining men and women give the wrong answers. They said it signified the ABS and some confused the “boot open” light for the handbrake.

Engine warning light

It is for the check engine. If something happens wrong to the engine then the light turns on and tells that something happened wrong in the engine. However, if nothing happens to the engine this light remains off. According to the survey, more than 64.5% of males and more than 46.5% of females give the right answer in the test. However, less than 23.5% of males and less than 36.5% of women give the wrong answer. They answered that it is the catalytic converter warning light.

Battery light

It illuminates when the ignition is switched on by the driver or whilst driving. And if it does not illuminate it means there is an issue with your charging system. It is very essential you check your charging system when in indicating issue of your charging system.

Does the best drive school of motoring give you this knowledge

The knowledge of the dashboard warning light is very necessary. It is essential if you want to become a good driver. The best drive school of motoring gives you all knowledge about it because they want their pupils perfect in driving.

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