Legal Obligations of Driving

When you are driving or even just getting to know about it you need to know more and more about the
legal obligations of these and that is important because without the knowledge of that you won’t be
able to do it well and also that will lead to some traffic violations and that will eventually lead to fine. So
to make sure that you are not violating any of such rules you at first will have to know about the legal
obligations of the driving.

Learning driving

Before you start getting your driving lessons from the best driving schools around you need to know the
following few things and that will also be taught to your along the way but you can learn all about it
before so you can be prepared.
 You should have the provisional driving license for your driving lessons.
 Your eyesight should be appropriate according to the driving requirements.
 You should be at least 16 or 3 months before the 16 the birthday of yours so that you should be
considered at the legal age of driving and you can start 3 months earlier from your 16 the birthday
because that is when you can apply for your provisional license too.
 There are specific number plates that should be displayed while you’re learning how to drive.
 You should be driving under the supervision of a driving instructor otherwise you will be putting
yourself a well as the others in risk.
Vehicle legal requirements
Following are some of the legal requirements for your vehicle
 It is important for you to have your vehicle registered by the DVLA.
 Also, all your vehicle taxes should be paid.
 Your vehicle should be good enough or should be in a condition to be driven on road.
 You should also keep your driving license and other vehicle documents with you all the time.

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