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Learning to Start an Automatic Car

Are you a beginner in the field of driving? Do you want to learn driving in an easy yet effective manner? Well, driving is an art and a proper skill and it has much significance in today’s world. Moreover, it is not difficult to master this art.

Manual vs Automatic Cars:

The first step in the learning of driving is to know how to start a car. It is one of the most basic and crucial parts of driving as you can not drive when you can not even start a car. There are two distinct ways to start two distinct types of the car i.e. the automatic car and the manual cars. The main difference between the two types of cars is their convenience level. The automatic cars are way more convenient to use or drive than the manual ones. The automatic cars have previously installed functions and they require less effort while the manual cars are fully in your control and may not be easy to drive for they require more attention and care. Automatic cars were actually made for the convenience of drivers as they have advanced features and sophisticated designs. They are relatively easy to use and control.

How to Start an Automatic Car:

To start an automatic car you will basically need a key to the car. Then follow the following rules:

  • First, you will insert the key into the ignition section.
  • Then you will turn the key once and you will notice that the car accessories will start running. Remember that you will have to turn the key in a clockwise direction.
  • You will further turn the key in the ignition section and this time the car will turn on. It is the position in which the car is said to be started.
  • At the third turn of the key in the ignition section, the car engine will crank and the car will get started in a proper way.

Indication of the Successful Start:

When you will have started the car successfully your tachometer will give the indication. You will notice that the RPM will jump up. This will indicate that the car has been started.

An Important Note About the Key:

Most of the times the key designs of automatic cars are different too. To show the automatic mode of car keys are also designed in a unique manner. One of the most common models of the key is the “retractable key model.” In this model, the key is kept inside the plastic casing and there is a small button at the corner for retraction of the key. All you have to do is press this button once and the key will appear.


Cars represent one of the best innovation in technology today. This is a very important need in today’s world. Everyone should learn it either by their own or by the help of some driving teaching services. There are many renowned driving training institutes all around the world to let you master the art of driving.

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