Knowledge of 3 pedestrian crossings

As we all know that the UK is a developed and strong country. So, for a better future, many people come from abroad to the UK for jobs and business, etc. It means the population of the UK is increasing and the number of drivers and pedestrian people also increases. That is why to make road safety for drivers and pedestrian people UK government introduce different rules. Also, they do strictness to make sure people follow the rules. So if you want to get a license and want to drive a car on the road of the UK. You should have knowledge of traffic rules and pedestrian crossings. Pedestrian crossings have very importance. Also, it is very important you follow them if you don’t want to become part of an accident.

 The reason behind the induction of pedestrian crossings

Sometimes it is difficult for some old or child etc to cross the road. So pedestrian crossing helps them to cross the road safely. Also if you want to become a safe driver and want to passes the driving test. Then it is essential you have all knowledge about pedestrian crossings. In the best driving test in the UK, they teach you all the information about pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian crossing

There are totally five pedestrian crossings:

  • Zebra
  • Pegasus
  • Toucan
  • Puffin
  • pelican

But here we tell about three pedestrian crossings.

Toucan Crossing

Toucan crossing is designed for pedestrians and cyclists both. It is for the safe crossing of pedestrians and cyclists both. It is just like puffin crossings, apart of a cyclist crossing.

Pelican crossing

Basically, the pelican is the short form of Pedestrian Light Controlled Crossing. Pelican crossing uses buttons, sounds, and light to allow pedestrian people to cross the road safely.

Puffin Crossing

You can say that puffin crossing is the smarter, younger sister to the Pelican crossing. It’s short for Pedestrian User Intelligent crossing and operates is similar to the Pelican crossing. And they are fitted with some smart sensors.

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