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Knowledge about motorway driving lesson

It is essential you know all the rules of the motorway and the difference between motorway, A-road and carriageways. This knowledge is necessary to become a good driver and to pass the driving test. It is one of the questions that the examiner asks in the driving test. If you know the difference then you can able to give the answer and passed the test. In the motorway driving lesson, the instructor tells you all the necessary knowledge about the motorway. The instructor of the best driving school in the UK knows that without the knowledge of motorway new learners cannot pass the test. And it is a sign of good instructors because they know which information is necessary for the learners. Motorists could adopt their own way now. It was the year the 1060s. When the number of car users was increasing, so, they built new roads.

What is motorway

It’s the road that the government designed with two or more carriageways to higher standards with controlled access.

Dual carriage

One can use dual carriage for shorter and quicker journeys it is very similar to motorways. When running errands and staying in your local area you will more likely to travel on a dual carriageway. You can say that it is a class of the road with carriageways for traffic, each travelling the opposite direction of the other.

Motorway speed limit

The speed limit of the motorway is 70 mph and the speed limit of the single carriageway is 60 mph. And restricted roads have a speed limit of 30 mph. These speed limits are according to the UK’s traffic rules. And if you drive above the speed limits it means you breaking the rules, and the government takes strict action against you. So, always drive in speed limit.

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