Importance of Highway Code

Highway Code is the list of rules and code of conduct on the highway which means how you should drive while you are on the highway and if you violate any of these codes you will have to go through a fine.

Importance of Highway Code

The Highway Code basically is a set of advice, your basic rules, and even some guides. Learning
from this compilation you will learn a lot about driving and the traffic rules which you need to follow and what violating them will result in.


The Highway Code is a very important thing to study because if you want to pass the driving test then you will need the help of it. Basically, most of the questions in the driving theory test are asked from this or hazard perception. Before you can start your driving lessons at a driving school you should get a copy of the Highway Code because without learning things about the traffic you won’t be able to become a better driver as well. You will have no idea about the traffic rules in detail and neither about the fines and punishments that entail with it.

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