How to reverse a car

Reversing is a difficult thing in driving. Many new learners spend a lot of time in the practice of reversing. Because it is essential you reverse the car safely if you want to become a safe driver. Also, many candidates fail driving tests because they don’t know how to reverse in a proper way. So if you don’t want to fail in test make sure you can do reversing rightly. Also, ask your instructor for more practice in reversing. If you don’t know about reverse gear then let me tell you. It is the gear that is represented by the letter ‘R’ on the lever. And when you select it then the car starts moving backwards. It will be at different positions depending on the model of the car you are driving. Sometimes to go into reverse you have to pull it up or push it down.

Preparation for reversing

It is the rule that if it helps you for reversing then you can remove the seat belt. Make sure before driving forward that you wear your seat belt. When you select the reverse gear white lights are turn-on on behind your car. You still have to set the gas when you reverse the car as same when you drive forward. Because the car needed a little gas if you doing uphill reversing. At the biting point raise the clutch the same as you would when you drive forward. But the back of the car will slightly rise up this time. When you get to the biting point in 1st gear the back of the car slightly dips down this is a little different. Before reversing you check all around your car. Also before you move you look out of the back window. Also, check who or what is near the car.

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